August 4, 2016

How to stay healthy whilst on your summer holiday

We know it’s a bit of rainy start to the good old British Summer, but forget about adding an extra dollop of cream to your strawberries or grabbing that extra ice lolly out of the freezer. For those of you interested in keeping healthy on holiday or indeed healthy throughout the summer, then read on for some top tips direct from the holiday loving bunch at mySupermarket. Fruity Fruity Fruity. We don’t know about you but for us being on holiday is that perfect excuse to try new foods and […]
July 26, 2016

7 Easy-to-Follow Tips for a Low-Cost Summer Skin Care

Summer is here and while you may be enjoying the great sunny weather, the heat and humidity that come with the season are actually telling you to get into a skin care regimen that can provide you the best protection and results. The sun’s UV rays can cause serious damages and can also contribute in making your skin age faster than it should. Certainly, you can’t afford to just bear the harmful effects of the sun – even when you’re on a tight budget! Not all beauty products are created […]
June 10, 2016

Amazing detox waters to keep you hydrated this summer

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s June! The tasty treats of Christmas and Easter seem like a distant memory and that wish for a sunshine filled summer is setting in. So we wanted to showcase the world of fun, fruity & tasty waters to help you have a tip top, hydrated summer! First up is a warm but essential basic in the detox world, lemon water. Starting your day with a mug of warm water and lemon, helps to aid your digestive system by flushing out toxins left over from the […]
May 29, 2016

How to stay healthy at work

You’ve probably heard that being seated for extended periods of time can be bad for your health, but what can you do about this if, like so many of us, you work at an office? Luckily, all is not lost. Even for those who don’t have the time (or motivation) to go to the gym during their lunch break, in partnership with mySupermarket has put together a handy guide on some things you can do to help stay fit – both physically and nutritionally – while you work. Here are […]
May 19, 2016

Alternate uses of coconut oil

Over the years, the cosmetic industry has introduced tons of hair and skin care products. The majority of which are infused with harsh chemicals that can do more harm than good. This has caused more people to switch from commercial products to natural ingredients. And one such natural ingredient which is considered the best cure-all by experts is coconut oil. If you haven’t got any coconut oil in your life yet, you need to get some, fast. Nutritionists are raving about it, beauty bloggers swear by it, and more importantly it’s totally […]
May 12, 2016

Health benefits of red wine

Whether wine is good for you or not has been a debate that’s raged on for many years . Although more recently, the benefits or red wine, in particular, have become increasingly apparent. Scientists have recently discovered that red wines have higher levels of polyphenols, which help prevent type 2 diabetes. They also revealed that red wine is full of antioxidants that can boost your immune system. As a general rule, the darker the wine, the higher the antioxidant content. Professor Andrew Waterhouse, of the University of California, suggests that […]
May 6, 2016

Food and drink to help you sleep

A lack of sleep is a common complaint; according to a recent study by the BBC only one in 10 of us think we always get a good night’s kip. Multiple studies have found a clear relationship between the quantity and quality of sleep and health problems, such as the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. A lack of sleep is also believed to suppress the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infections and increased appetite, contributing to weight gain. Check out some tips and tricks […]
April 20, 2016

10 foods you didn’t know you could freeze

With household bills soaring and already tight belts being squeezed even tighter, mySupermarket has looked into an array of foods you can freeze to free up your budget and reduce food waste. Brits ditch over 7 million tons of food and drink a year, costing the average UK household around £60 a month, making food waste a really big deal. Lots of foods go to waste simply because people don’t realise they are freezable, so here’s mySupermarkets 10 everyday foods you can freeze – prepared to be surprised by a few. […]
April 14, 2016

Best superfoods for women

So what is a superfood? There is no official definition of a “superfood” and the EU has banned health claims on packaging unless supported by scientific evidence. The closest you’ll get to an approved definition is from The Oxford Dictionary. Which states that a superfood is a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing”. Ok so which superfoods are best for me? So far there’s been all kinds of weird and wacky superfoods from yuzi fruit and chai seeds to acacia berries and seaweed. With so […]
April 13, 2016

The benefits of zinc for women

There are so many supplements, superfoods and minerals that are marketed specifically at women, it’s almost impossible to know the good from the bad. So today we’re going to explore the hype around zinc and why it’s such a crucial ingredient for your future health. So what is zinc? Zinc is a naturally occurring essential mineral that is present in some foods and widely available as a supplement. How do I know if I’m not having enough? Zinc serves many important roles in both men and women, including immune system […]