May 6, 2016

Food and drink to help you sleep

A lack of sleep is a common complaint; according to a recent study by the BBC only one in 10 of us think we always get a good night’s kip. Multiple studies have found a clear relationship between the quantity and quality of sleep and health problems, such as the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and depression. A lack of sleep is also believed to suppress the immune system, leaving you vulnerable to infections and increased appetite, contributing to weight gain. Check out some tips and tricks […]
May 3, 2016

Top health tips to prepare for summer

With the summer fast approaching, we’d all like to get ourselves in shape and looking as good as possible. So, today we’re going to look at some of the things we can do to prepare! Health & Fitness: 1) If you’re finding it hard to fit in exercise, get off the bus early or walk to work if it’s feasible. Adding in 30 minutes of walking a day will help shift any extra pounds, tone you up and get you out to enjoy the summer weather! 2) Hiit workouts are […]
April 26, 2016

How to save on vegetables

Want to save money on your vegetables? Love em or hate em, it’s subjective, but vegetables can provide so many health benefits that they are hard to ignore. At mySupermarket we’ve read countless news articles explaining how purchasing fresh and healthy produce is just too expensive and out of reach for many average families. So, instead of grabbing a bag of crisps over an apple here are some top tips on how to add more fruit and vegetables into your diet, in a cheap and still cheerful way!   Obviously, […]
April 26, 2016

Healthy desserts on a cookie cutter budget

Ever been tasked with wowing your friends and family at dessert time and wondered how to make something show-stoppingly great on a low budget? Well mySupermarket have got a wonderful selection of delicious desserts you can make on any budget! Dessert time can be a nightmare when you are focused on keeping yourself or maybe your guests on point with their healthy eating goals. After all, dessert is supposed to be tasty, fun and that part of the meal everyone looks forward to. Add in the double whammy of mass produced tastiness on […]
April 22, 2016

Quick lists – know what you want & find it fast!

If the thought of trudging around a grocery shop fills you with dread, you are about to read a blog post to speed up and revolutionise your shopping habits. Enter quick lists! Don’t worry, you can thank us later! Don’t worry, you can thank us later! mySupermarket is a big fan of coming to the rescue of our shoppers, it’s widely known that you can use our site to compare and save up to 30% on every supermarket shop, but did you know that we can help save time and […]
April 20, 2016

10 foods you didn’t know you could freeze

With household bills soaring and already tight belts being squeezed even tighter, mySupermarket has looked into an array of foods you can freeze to free up your budget and reduce food waste. Brits ditch over 7 million tons of food and drink a year, costing the average UK household around £60 a month, making food waste a really big deal. Lots of foods go to waste simply because people don’t realise they are freezable, so here’s mySupermarkets 10 everyday foods you can freeze – prepared to be surprised by a few. […]
April 19, 2016

An in-depth look at: The beer industry

mySupermarket’s analysts have been in isolation working on a top secret project…. Delving deep into one of the most iconic industries in the UK… Beer Beer is big business in the UK with annual sales in excess of £18 billion a year. According to the Institute of Brewing & Distilling 25 million drinkers maintain around 700,000 jobs directly or indirectly. Exactly a third of all beer is bought by shoppers aged 35-44 years old, whilst those aged 65+ account for only 5%. You might have assumed that more men buy ale […]
April 14, 2016

Best superfoods for women

So what is a superfood? There is no official definition of a “superfood” and the EU has banned health claims on packaging unless supported by scientific evidence. The closest you’ll get to an approved definition is from The Oxford Dictionary. Which states that a superfood is a “nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and wellbeing”. Ok so which superfoods are best for me? So far there’s been all kinds of weird and wacky superfoods from yuzi fruit and chai seeds to acacia berries and seaweed. With so […]
April 13, 2016

The benefits of zinc for women

There are so many supplements, superfoods and minerals that are marketed specifically at women, it’s almost impossible to know the good from the bad. So today we’re going to explore the hype around zinc and why it’s such a crucial ingredient for your future health. So what is zinc? Zinc is a naturally occurring essential mineral that is present in some foods and widely available as a supplement. How do I know if I’m not having enough? Zinc serves many important roles in both men and women, including immune system […]
April 7, 2016

Save a fortune on your food bills in 7 simple steps

With the average family spending £83.60 per week at the supermarket, according to the Office for National Statistics. Learning how to save a fortune on your food bills is crucial to saving those extra pennies, especially as it’s often the biggest piece of expenditure each month.  Perhaps that figure shocks you. You can’t possibly spend anywhere near that on your food, right? Well, if you were to check your bank statements, you might be in for a shock. The good news is that it’s really simple to cut your food […]