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August 3, 2016
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How to stay healthy whilst on your summer holiday

We know it’s a bit of rainy start to the good old British Summer, but forget about adding an extra dollop of cream to your strawberries or grabbing that extra ice lolly out of the freezer.

For those of you interested in keeping healthy on holiday or indeed healthy throughout the summer, then read on for some top tips direct from the holiday loving bunch at mySupermarket.

Fruity Fruity Fruity.

We don’t know about you but for us being on holiday is that perfect excuse to try new foods and explore the local cuisine. If you are trying to stay healthy on holiday this summer, then how about reaching out for some fresh seasonal fruit whilst you are chilling poolside. If you are feeling extra adventurous, try our holiday staple of watermelon and feta cheese, believe us, its yummy!

shutterstock_149870369DIY your Frozen Fun

Frozen treats are the perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day, but if like us you are trying to avoid the ice cream and reach more towards the ice lollies, then how about going DIY and making your own.

Ice lolly moulds and ice cube trays are fairly cheap to pick up from most local pound shops. With the basics to hand, fill your moulds with fresh fruit juice or even just plain old squash. We’re partial to a bit of sugar-free Robinsons ourselves!


For added awesomeness, try freezing fresh orange juice in an ice cube tray for a small and tasty dessert. Read more here –


Avoid peak times

Not just because the beaches and pools are choc-a-block at midday, but the midday sun rays are actually the ones most harmful to our delicate skin. Sneak yourself into the shade for a hydration break at lunchtime. Don’t forget to be sun aware and reapply your sunscreen after every dip in the pool or every two hours. You only get one set of skin so treat it kindly!


H2O, Hydration and Spritzers

Most of us aren’t used to the holiday sun. Dehydration is a serious business and you don’t want feelings of sickness or tummy trouble to cast a shadow over your sunshine. Keep yourself thoroughly hydrated throughout the day and guzzle plenty of water! In moderation of course, if you normally have 2 litres a day, try to up it to 3 whilst you are in the sun.

If water isn’t your thing, how about adding some cordial to a cup with a bit of fizzy water for a sparkling summer spritzer? And for you tea lovers out there, did you know that tea actually counts towards your hydration points? Be careful of the coffee though, it has the opposite effect as it can act as a diuretic.


So there you have it, some basic pointers to keep you happy, healthy and smiling if you are off on your holidays this summer!


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