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7 Easy-to-Follow Tips for a Low-Cost Summer Skin Care

Summer is here and while you may be enjoying the great sunny weather, the heat and humidity that come with the season are actually telling you to get into a skin care regimen that can provide you the best protection and results.

The sun’s UV rays can cause serious damages and can also contribute in making your skin age faster than it should. Certainly, you can’t afford to just bear the harmful effects of the sun – even when you’re on a tight budget!

Not all beauty products are created the same, and most of the time, natural and organic beauty products are priced higher than ordinary beauty buys.

Luckily, there are money-saving tips that will let you have the summer skin care you need without breaking the bank — and still get amazing results!

Here are 7 tips that can control your beauty product spending, while giving your skin the pampering it needs:

  1. Be familiar with ingredients used in beauty products. Different conditions require various formulations and knowing the ingredient that can work to address your concern will eliminate the chance to spend on skincare products that can’t produce the results you want.
  2. Choose products that work two-ways! Dual-function products are your best options if you are looking to save on skincare spending. Examples for this include moisturisers with sunscreen, and lip & cheek tint.
  3. Use skincare products only as needed. There are times when consumption of beauty products get out of hand—resulting in waste and increase in beauty spending. Be strict in using the prescribed portion of beauty product for your regimen. After all, you can get your desired results by not going over what’s required.
  4. Use your fingertips when using face wash or cleanser. There is a good portion of the product that is wasted when face wash is applied using cloth. To get cost-effective results, use your fingertips when doing this beauty regimen.
  5. Make the most of your moisturiser. Lock-in more moisture and get more from this product by applying it after getting out of the shower. Doing so helps retain moisture and improve its effects.
  6. Get trial sizes of your preferred beauty buys. What works for others may not work for you, so it is best to use trial sets first. This won’t just spare you from unnecessary expenses, but will also help prevent unwanted wastes.
  7. Observe proper habits. Put the lid back on after using cosmetics or skincare products. This can help extend the life of the product, thereby allowing you to make the most of your beauty buy.

Certainly, there is no excuse to establishing a skincare routine that serves your needs this summer. The effects of prolonged and unprotected sun exposure can take a toll not just on your appearance, but overall wellness, too.

To further understand the effects of sun exposure, here’s an infographic that presents valuable information to help you assess if you’re getting the sun protection you actually need.

Guest post provided by Alyaka Niche Perfumes and Beauty Products UK.

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