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10 tips to help you save money at the supermarket

Today we’re excited to share some amazing thrifty techniques to help you save money on your weekly supermarket shop! Including using vouchers, coupons, bulk-buying, and scouring the shelves for reduced to clear items.

By following these steps you can wipe up to 60% off your bill.

  1. Work out a weekly meal plan

By planning ahead you can cut out impulse trips to the shops which often turn into a trolley full of costly products.

  1. Write a list and stick to it

Once you’ve written your meal plan, create a list of the ingredients you need for the week.

  1. Compare supermarket prices

Go online before you head to the supermarket and price check the items on your list across 13 different grocery retailers at ! Or if you’re already in-store download our app so you can check on the go!

  1. Get a total price for your list

Total your list before you go out and take just enough cash for the items, with a little contingency to allow for price differences. Now you can’t overspend.

  1. Check for coupons

Check if there are any current coupons for items on your list. Only download coupons for things you were originally planning to buy.

  1. If you can, go by yourself

Grocery shopping alone can save you a fortune and you’ll find it much easier to stick to your list.

  1. Take your own bags

Always take your own bags, it may only be 5p per bag but if you have three bags per trip every week it all adds up.

  1. Keep your eye out for clearance items

Check for yellow sticker on items such as meat. If it’s reduced because of a close sell by date, pop it in the freezer. Early evening is the time when most products are reduced so watch out!

  1. Don’t always go for the branded items even if they are on offer

Supermarket own brands are often the same or very similar in quality and a fraction of the price of branded items.

  1. Check your receipt for a price guarantee

If you shop at Asda, keep hold of your receipt and check it on their price guarantee website.

If the shopping was cheaper elsewhere they give you the difference back in a printable voucher that you can use on your next trip.

At mySupermarket we’re passionate about giving SAVVY shoppers the opportunity to view the best value for money offers at grocery retailers across the UK.

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