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Incredible thrifty recipes you must try at home

For most of us food shopping is one big balancing act, whether it’s budgeting for a large family, or keeping things interesting when you live by yourself. Either way, here are a few ways you can make it cheaper with some recipes from leading money saving bloggers.

This chicken kebab recipe from Reduced Grub costs £2.00 for four portions and is a simple yet colourful dish to make.

chicken kebabs

If you’ve got leftovers after the Sunday roast then Frugal Queen has some amazing recipes to make those leftovers stretch more than the odd sandwich. First, wait for your roast chicken to go cold and strip all the meat off the bone, then combine with any leftover veggies and add a jar of value curry sauce, bring to the boil, then simmer for ten minutes and serve with rice. 

Another way to use up the leftover meat is to combine it with a tin of carrot, a tin of sweetcorn and some cheese sauce and serve with mash and greens or use as a pie filling.”

FQ leftovers

Finally, Thrifty Lesley has some great Indian and Chinese recipes that can be made on a budget. Her Dahl Sambar recipe is just 31p a portion, whilst she has made an incredible Peanut Sauced Noodles meal for only 23p!

Refrigerator filled with fruit and vegetables

Before you make some of these yourself, use mySupermarket to get the best deals on ingredients from 13 different retailers.

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