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June 29, 2016
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6 frugal food bloggers with affordable recipes must follow today!

Do you find yourself faced with a tiny food budget and hungry mouths to feed? Then look out for these amazing frugal food bloggers, with delicious recipes for when money is tight.

  1. Cooking on a bootstrap

A girl called jack

Jack Monroe has taken cheap eats to a different dimension. She’s become a highly regarded cook, campaigner, and author of A Girl Called Jack: 100 Delicious Recipes. However, all this came from when she was a single mother with only £10 a week to feed herself and her toddler. Her blog contains many carefully costed meals using value range ingredients. Mumma Jack’s Best Ever Chilli recipe is an instant classic!

  1. Thrifty Lesley


Thrifty Lesley’s blog is all about how to feed yourself on £1 a day. Lesly also tackles the problem of stretching a budget shopping list over several days. Her fantastic meal plans are designed to feed two people for seven days with healthy food and sufficient calories.

Get inspiration from more than 240 recipes listed here.

  1. Frugal Queen


Frugal Queen combines advice on how to cut costs and get out of debt with meals for hearty home cooking. Frugal Queen is also great on gluten-free recipes that won’t break the bank, and more recently, Slimming World meals for dieters on a budget.

  1. Feed Yourself for £1 a Day


This friendly Facebook group run by Pat Parker and a team of volunteer moderators is full of recipes and advice on feeding yourself on a shoestring. Members post examples of recipes they recommend and bargains bought, plus requests for help with everything from shopping, budgeting, and cooking, to inspiration for packed lunches.

  1. Skint Dad


Skint Dad writes a blog crammed with money-saving advice. His series of “fakeaway” recipes, including Chicken Kebabs and Beef and Bean Burritos are not quite as cheap as under £1, but they do cut costs considerably compared to a trip to the takeaway on a Saturday night.

  1. Penny’s Recipes


Penny’s Recipes provides simple, fresh, and economical recipes for you to cook. Penny shows you how cooking from scratch is healthy and affordable, especially if you buy local produce in season. Her mission is to demonstrate how you can keep your food bills down with low cost, but healthy and nutritious meals.

These are just six  frugal food blogs we’ve found most helpful, but there is a wealth of great advice out there.

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