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Snacks: The Healthy and the Unhealthy Truth

At mySupermarket we are partial to a snack or two, so our analysts decided to study the types of snacks that are being sold across UK supermarkets.

mySupermarket looked at different categories of food dividing them into healthy and unhealthy products. ‘Healthy snacks’ mostly consisted of fresh products, yogurts, and snack bars, whereas ‘unhealthy snacks’ included crisps, cheese, biscuits, meat snacks, popcorn etc.

(Disclaimer: we recognise that there are differences of opinion regarding what constitutes healthy. For the sake of this article we have divided them into product categories that are generally considered so.)

So let’s begin, we found that UK supermarkets keep an average of around 3,500 unhealthy snacks in stock on a monthly basis, versus only 135 monthly healthy snacks.


Here are the top 10 snacks as purchased on mySupermarket from 13 different retailers:


So when are healthy and unhealthy snacks most readily available?

As far as seasonality goes there is a rise in the availability of unhealthy snacks in the supermarkets beginning in July, with the peak in November, before the holiday season. In contrast, the availability of healthy snacks displayed sharply rises between July and August.See below for details for each:

Unhealthy-Products-in-Supermarkets (1)

The top 3 supermarkets with the most snacks on discount, are: Morrisons, ASDA, and then Ocado (with Waitrose close behind).

Here is a breakdown of the average product discounts across all supermarkets, by snack type:


Visit mySupermarket online or our app to get real-time prices from 13 different retailers.

Data analysed spans from April 2015 to May 2016 inclusive.

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