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Eight everyday money saving habits

Entering the world of budgeting, frugality and saving can be a daunting feat. Once you get started, the benefits can be life changing.

To help get you inspired, here are the mySupermarket top tips to incorporate money saving habits into your everyday life.

  1. Research, compare & prepare. With so many comparison sites out there obviously we’ll shout about our own. mySupermarket is not just for online shopping. You can use our site to research the grocery items that you wish to purchase and compare the prices of your items, before going in store and seeing the items for yourself. The internet hosts a wealth of information on almost any product that you wish to buy, we’d recommend running some searches and checking out the average prices of items before making any big purchase.
  2. Change it up. Ask yourself, when was the last time you sat down with your bills and tried to get a better deal? Many companies offer great rewards for new customers, whilst others offer rewards for you staying loyal to them. Put your credit card, phone, internet, & gas bills on the table and research the latest available deals for you.
  3. Take advantage of the sales. Traditionally the January Sales were the destignated time of the year for big purchases of electrical & kitchen related items. In recent years Black Friday has appeared on our screens and many retailers also offer promotions throughout the year. If you know that you might want some new clothes, or electrical goods at some point in the near future, it’s always better to wait for that sale to come out and get yourself a bargain. When it comes to the world of electrical, fashion and experiences, never pay full price. With a bit of research & patience, you’ll always find an online deal.
  4. Sharing is caring. Keep seeing ‘buy one get one free’ deals and know that you really don’t need two? Roping friends & family into your shopping can lead to money saving all round. Take advantage of ‘BOGOF’s’ by sharing the goodies with friends and you’ll both save half the price!
  5. Shout out on social. In the business world, you aren’t anyone these days without a presence on social media. Follow the brands and retailers that you love on Facebook/Instagram/Pinterest/Twitter and you’ll often see some great money saving offers that are exclusive to their social media followers. Check out our monthly £100 Twitter competition to get started!
  6. Ditch the takeaway. Save some pounds by cooking up your favourite takeaway meals at home, not only will you save money, but it will usually be healthier AND you’ll probably get bigger portions from it too! Message us your favourite takeaway recipes and we’ll feature them on our blog to help the money saving community.
  7. Fix it yourself. Our washing machine broke down on a Sunday morning recently, with no one to call and a machine full of stuck, soggy clothes we felt a bit at a loss. Enter the YouTube tutorial and the discovery that instead of spending cash for small DIY projects around the home, a few minutes watching a tutorial is all the investment you need. Plus you’ll have learned some new skills too!
  8. Fitness fun. Joining clubs for health, fitness & weight loss purposes can quickly add up to lots of £. Using our number 7 tip, type in the type of exercise you are looking for on YouTube and you’ll find thousands of free exercise videos, from 5 minutes all the way up to an hour, arms, abs or the bits in between, there really is something there for everyone. It doesn’t need to stop there either, we love browsing Pinterest & Instagram for some great and free healthy eating recipes & ideas.

So there you have it, here at mySupermarket HQ we have implemented most of these tips into our everyday lives. Call us committed but money saving is our goal and as Tip 4 says ‘sharing is caring’.

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