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Health benefits of red wine

Whether wine is good for you or not has been a debate that’s raged on for many years . Although more recently, the benefits or red wine, in particular, have become increasingly apparent.

Scientists have recently discovered that red wines have higher levels of polyphenols, which help prevent type 2 diabetes. They also revealed that red wine is full of antioxidants that can boost your immune system.

As a general rule, the darker the wine, the higher the antioxidant content.

Professor Andrew Waterhouse, of the University of California, suggests that red grape varieties with medium to high levels of antioxidants and polyphenols are merlot, zinfandeland syrah.

Another interesting revelation is how the antioxidant known as quercetin works against cancer cells. According to the American Cancer Society this antioxidant helps to induce natural cell death in certain types of cancers, most often colon cancer.

Finally, last year a study published by Nature discovered that resveratrol found in red wine may protect the body against age-related diseases, including heart disease, by prompting an evolutionary defence mechanism which guards human cells against genetic damage.

And finally, red wine drinkers have a 34 percent lower mortality rate than beer or vodka drinkers, according to a 29-year-long study.

Remember moderation is still important and according to the British Heart Foundation, drinking more than two units a day may be harmful.

For reference here’s the BBC Good Food guide to see how many units of alcohol are in a small 125ml glass of wine:

  • 9% alcohol by volume = 1 unit
  • 10% abv = 1.25 units
  • 11% abv = 1.375 units
  • 12% abv = 1.5 units
  • 13% abv = 1.625 units
  • 14% abv = 1.75 units

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