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May 6, 2016
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Healthy breakfast recipes to try yourself

Mornings. Love them or loathe them, technically every day starts with one and whether we listen to it or not, we’ve grown up knowing the fact that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.

Or is it?

Did you know that there may be hidden sugars lurking in many of your breakfast staples? To help inspire you with some healthy morning choices, we’ve put together some healthy alternatives to help kick start your day in an energised and tasty way.

You love – Fruit shakes & smoothies

Did you know? Whilst fruit contains many health benefits, getting your five a day in one quick blast can mean you miss out on vital nutrients. Creating a smoothie or shake made solely from fruit can be bad news for your sugar intake. Dr Frankie Phillips, from the British Dietetic Association, states. “Juicing involves the removal of fibre and this removes some of the nutrients that would be found in a whole fruit or vegetable,” said Dr Phillips. “There is likely to be a more concentrated level of sugars naturally present in the fruit, and if a juice is sipped over a long period of time, the fruit juice, which is quite acidic, can damage dental enamel. In addition, some smoothies are very high in calories, with added whole-milk yoghurt, and even peanut butter and chocolate.”

We recommend: If your favourite way to start the day is with a drinkable breakfast, try blending fresh berries with water for a refreshing start. Our favourite is simply adding two cups of blueberries and ice cold water to a blender, make sure you leave in the pulp for added nutritional value.

You love: Cereal and granola bars.

Did you know? There can be a surprising volume of high sugar ingredients in these breakfast staples. It’s easy to check for yourself by taking a quick peek at the ingredients. Do you see sugar, fructose or sucralose anywhere near the top 5 ingredients? If so, avoid! Ingredients are listed by volume on the label, so the earlier it appears on the list, the higher percentage of sugar it contains.

We recommend: Avoid a late morning sugar crash and whip up a batch of overnight oats for a quick to make, high fibre and protein filled meal. See our recipe here:




Overnight Oats



You love: Peanut butter on toast:

Did you know? Toast itself can make for a filling breakfast, however, it’s what you put on it that can lead to a bit of a morning disaster. Peanut butter, contains high amounts of healthy fats, vitamins & protein. The more processed you go, the more the health benefits are reduced.

We recommend: DIY your own healthy cashew & walnut butter using our recipe here:





Have a favourite recipe to share? Let us know, mySupermarket would love to hear your breakfast inspiration!

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