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Quick lists – know what you want & find it fast!

If the thought of trudging around a grocery shop fills you with dread, you are about to read a blog post to speed up and revolutionise your shopping habits. Enter quick lists! Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

Don’t worry, you can thank us later!

mySupermarket is a big fan of coming to the rescue of our shoppers, it’s widely known that you can use our site to compare and save up to 30% on every supermarket shop, but did you know that we can help save time and speed up your shop to with ours quick lists tool?

Quick lists, are an easy feature on mySupermarket where you type in the names of multiple items all in one go and browse from.

You can find this great tool right at the top of the mySupermarket home page, located next to the search bar.


It’s afternoon time here at mySupermarket HQ, as we’re dreaming up our list, so I apologise now for the strange variety of items added to our sample list…example below.


Hit the search bar and…voila, your quick list appears!Screenshot_3

From here you can add items straight to basket and use the ‘arrow’ icons to browse additional products in your field.
You can swap store at any time in the top left-hand side of the screen.


Our favourite way to use this list is in recipes. Baking a cake? Know that you need some sugar, milk, butter and all that jazz? Just type it into the quick list and let us do the magic for you.

Quick and easy shopping and budget friendly too, we’ve never been happier!

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