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10 foods you didn’t know you could freeze

With household bills soaring and already tight belts being squeezed even tighter, mySupermarket has looked into an array of foods you can freeze to free up your budget and reduce food waste.

Brits ditch over 7 million tons of food and drink a year, costing the average UK household around £60 a month, making food waste a really big deal. Lots of foods go to waste simply because people don’t realise they are freezable, so here’s mySupermarkets 10 everyday foods you can freeze – prepared to be surprised by a few.

shutterstock_2328093371.  Leftover wine

Yes, in the odd occasion that you don’t polish off that bottle of wine, instead of squeezing it in the fridge, freeze it in ice cube trays and add straight to recipes

shutterstock_1450929252.  Cheese

Grate and store in a freezer bag and grab a handful as and when you need it, it’s that simple.

shutterstock_3569476223.  Cooked rice

If you’ve made too much, don’t bin it – let it cool then freeze it. You can reheat from frozen!

shutterstock_2197045874.  Fresh herbs

Finely chop, pop in an ice cube tray and cover with water to freeze, then add to dishes if and when you need to.

shutterstock_2975239885.  Cucumber

Chop it, freeze it and then add to water (or gin and tonic) instead of ice (or put in a sandwich if you prefer).

shutterstock_3528199736.  Butter  

Hardcore bakers can cut butter into set weights then whack in the freezer, for the rest of us just place in plastic container and simply grate into dishes when it suits you.

shutterstock_3849453077.  Milk

Buy in bulk, put into smaller pots, freeze and use as required.

shutterstock_1293689518.  Onions

No more leftover half-onions slowly rotting in the back of the fridge! Chop them, bag them, freeze them.

shutterstock_2972848769.  Garlic

Like onions, can be frozen (by the clove or once crushed) then dropped into food as you cook it.

shutterstock_26306629710.  Avocado

Chop in half, remove the stone, or mash it up and pop into a bag with a dash of lemon or lime to help preserve. Last year, Tesco even launched frozen avocados.


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