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An in-depth look at: The beer industry

mySupermarket’s analysts have been in isolation working on a top secret project…. Delving deep into one of the most iconic industries in the UK… Beer

Beer is big business in the UK with annual sales in excess of £18 billion a year. According to the Institute of Brewing & Distilling 25 million drinkers maintain around 700,000 jobs directly or indirectly.

Exactly a third of all beer is bought by shoppers aged 35-44 years old, whilst those aged 65+ account for only 5%.


You might have assumed that more men buy ale than women. While this is the case, mySupermarket sees the margin between the two sexes as being quite small. 46% of beer buyers are in fact women.


When breaking down the data by geography, residents of South London have been revealed as big fans of a tipple, taking up two of the top five places in the UK that buy the most beer. South West London (e.g. Battersea & Wimbledon) lead the way, followed by Reading, the Tonbridge area, York and then South East London (e.g. Charlton & Greenwich). On the other end of the scale Guernsey accounted for the least purchases.geography

Check out the where the top 20 buyers of beer by geography are…


Amongst beer buyers across the UK, the average spend is £18.89 with Tesco the supermarket leading the way with the most products in stock.

The most popular time of the week for ale purchases is Wednesday, followed closely by Thursday. The end of the week is the least popular with under 12% of all purchases taking place on a Saturday.time-of-week 2

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Data analysed spans from April 2015 to April 2016 inclusive.

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