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The benefits of zinc for women

There are so many supplements, superfoods and minerals that are marketed specifically at women, it’s almost impossible to know the good from the bad.

So today we’re going to explore the hype around zinc and why it’s such a crucial ingredient for your future health.

So what is zinc?

Zinc is a naturally occurring essential mineral that is present in some foods and widely available as a supplement.

How do I know if I’m not having enough?

Zinc serves many important roles in both men and women, including immune system function, protein synthesis, wound healing, DNA synthesis, and cell division. So if your muscles ache days after a workout or you’ve had a cold for much longer than usual these are some of the key signs of a zinc deficiency.

Why is it important to women?

Zinc supplementation can be very beneficial to women for a number of reasons, including supporting your body if you’re pregnant or menstruating.


Research suggests that zinc may improve some of the negative effects associated with menstruation in women, including premenstrual syndrome (PMS), because of the mineral’s ability to regulate the secretion of progesterone.


It’s estimated that 82 percent of pregnant women worldwide are likely to suffer from a zinc deficiency. This may be because more zinc is required during pregnancy to ensure the natural health and development of the fetus. Adequate zinc intake in women during pregnancy may reduce the risk of a variety of birth and fetal complications.

Where can you find it?

Good sources of zinc include red meat, chicken, seafood, dairy products and nuts. As well as approved supplements.

So how much should I take?

According to the Office of Dietary Supplements, women need eight milligrams of zinc each day; 11 milligrams if they are pregnant and 12 milligrams of zinc daily if they are breastfeeding.

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