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Make your own Easter Hamper

With Easter just a few days away and the long weekend about to kick in, we wanted to inspire you with some great ideas to make a personalised hamper that is perfect for an afternoon in the park with all the family or just something to take along with you to the beer garden! Take a peek at our variety of goodies that are just perfect for Easter here.

First off, before you get thinking of what to bring, we need to figure out how to bring it. Do you have a wicker basket lying around at home? Or maybe some old blankets to bundle it all up in? We’ve seen some great online articles lately about how to make your own bag from an old t shirt, no sewing necessary too. Check out how make one yourself with this YouTube video.

Now that’s sorted,  impress your friends with your baking skills, from rainbow sprinkles and wafer daisies, to cake pop kits and Spider Man cookie kits, mySupermarket has hundreds of products for all of your baking needs.shutterstock_340876829

Add in some homemade cookies, yummy chocolate treats, and if you are feeling health conscious pop in some dried fruit, or  some organic almonds and gourmet whole chestnuts too? With such a wide range to choose from, everything is possible.

Here at mySupermarket HQ, if someone mentions Easter, the first thing we think of is Eggs and no hamper would be complete without an Easter egg or three. We have a variety of options for you chocolate lovers out there, scatter a few Cadbury mini eggs, or some Galaxy golden eggs to satisfy your sweet tooth or delight your friends with some traditional eggs to.









No time to pop to the supermarket? Our SHOPS merchants are one step ahead with a variety of ready-made hampers for you to choose from.



Italian Easter Lunch Hamper by Vorrei


Happy Easter Gift Box by The Sweetie Jar










Just a few days left until the big weekend! Get Easter ready with mySupermarket today!

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