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March 17, 2016
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March 22, 2016
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Delicious Easter Eggs

The weather may be unpredictable as anything at the moment but Spring is definitely in the air!

Are you purchasing chocolate treats for your loved ones this year, or just fancy treating yourself to something indulgent? Whichever it may be Hadleigh Maid have a whole host of luxury chocolate products available at SHOPS by mySupermarket to satisfy that sweet tooth! So what will it be? Here are some of our recommendations from:

First we have the classic Easter Egg. Chocolate eggs first became popular in the 19th century and have been a top choice every Easter since, with 80 million of them being sold every year in the UK! All of our Chocolate Eggs are crafted by our team, finished off with delicately hand-piped decorations and decadent white chocolate edging. There is a size to suit everyone, starting at our 115 grams and reaching the incredible weight of over a kilogram! Looking for something in the middle? We recommend our Milk Chocolate Hand Decorated Easter Egg, 159g.


Are Easter bunnies more your thing? We have you covered too, with our traditional Easter Dutch Bunny. Standing at 13cm tall, this simple, yet sweet bunny is the perfect traditional chocolate gift and is guaranteed indulge any passionate chocoholic.

milk-chocolate-easter-dutch-bunny-claude-novelty-hand-decorated-with-white-and-dark-chocolate-230g_1000 (1)

If eggs or bunnies aren’t the chocolate gifts you’re looking for, we also have a range of chocolate hens and our very own Easter Chicks, Claire and Claude. Claire and Claude are available to purchase separately but we think they are better together (you can’t split a power couple like them!). All are individually hand painted in our factory, so no bird will be the same.



We’ve been proudly handcrafting chocolate four decades this year, and we are still as passionate about our products as we were forty years ago. You can discover our whole Limited Edition ‘Traditions’ Easter Chocolate Collection at SHOPS by mySupermarket.

For guaranteed Easter delivery, orders must be placed before 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd March.

Guest post provided by Hadleigh Maid.

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