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UK Money Bloggers to Watch in 2016

If you’re dedicated to being better with your money saving skills this year, then it’s worth taking a look at some of these top money bloggers.

From tips for getting yourself out of debt, to help finding the latest deals, these finance fanatics are sharing their experiences and expertise every day.

But with hundred to choose from how do you pick the ones to follow? Well, each year UK Money Bloggers run the SHOMO awards (short for Show Me The Money Bloggers), and the winners are a great starting point.

So who were the winners last time around? With award categories such as Best Frugal and Thrift Blog and Best Personal Finance Blog, this list should have something for everybody.

Disease Called Debt – Hayley started her blog to document her family’s way out of debt in 2013. Now debt-free, this site is a great resource to help others do the same.

Frugal Queen – Use mySupermarket to find the cheapest ingredients, and Frugal Queen can show you how to make the most of them with some fantastic recipes that taste delicious but cost peanuts.

Be Clever With Your Cash – From finding the best bank account to discovering the cheapest iTunes offers, Be Clever With Your Cash is a must read. You’ll also be able to see how Andy made savings of £14,000 in a year.

Skint Dad – Like Hayley, Ricky was deep in debt when he started his blog, but he’s not looked back since. His “fakeaways” and honest tips have seen him featured in The Mirror and This Morning.

Savvy Woman – You’ve probably seen Sarah Pennells on TV giving some well need money advice. Well her blog is an essential on the money matters which really affect women such as pensions, savings and relationships.

Can’t Swing a Cat – Saving for your first home isn’t easy, so Jenni moved back with her parents and started this blog to show you the other ways she is saving up for her deposit. With £10,000 saved in the first year, she’s obviously doing something right!

Mrs Bargain Hunter – This West Midlands mum loves nothing more than finding a bargain, which she shares with her readers, alongside other money saving tips.

So there you have it, seven of the top money bloggers to watch this year. If this list isn’t enough, head over to the UK Money Bloggers website where you’ll be able to learn about a different blogger every fortnight.


About the author:

Andy Webb runs UK Money Bloggers and shares his money saving tips and deals on his blog Be Clever With Your Cash. He writes about the best ways to make the most from your money and has was named the runner up for Moneyblogger of the year at the Santander Media Awards.


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