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Venison – The New Meat on The High Street

venison salad

Brits are enjoying venison in record numbers, and for good reason – it is lean, tasty, and healthy! As more and more of us shift to a low-fat high-protein diet, venison is an ideal meat for both health conscious and carnivorous individuals alike!

We spoke to two of our merchants who are solely dedicated to providing this trendy cut of on SHOPS by mySupermarket. They answered our questions about this tasty meat and collected their best tips and recipes for you. Our friends at Seriously Good Venison shared that this is a lean meat and can be overcooked easily. The trick to great venison is to serve it pink – this indicates it has been cooked the perfect amount of time and will be moist and delicious.

Another benefit that we learned from the merchants at Holme Farmed Venison is that unlike other red meat, venison won’t shrink, so if you cook a 6oz venison steak it will stay a 6oz steak! Tasty, healthy, and economical – what could be better?!

Are your mouths watering yet? Ours are! Visit SHOPS by mySupermarket  to purchase the very best cuts of venison from independent UK merchants.


Now that we have some insider tips on how to best cook venison, let’s try some recipes! The following recipes come straight from the experts at Holme Farmed Venison and Seriously Good Venison. Let us know which recipes you try and how they turned out.

Venison Tagine

Kashmiri Venison Burger


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