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Maximise Your Saving – Our Best Tips

Top tips for shoppers to maximise their grocery saving.

  1. Prepare a list

Fail to plan and you plan to fail. Taking the time to organise your food shop before you get to the store protects you from unnecessary spending. Armed with a list you won’t be tempted or confused by offers you don’t need. Whether you’re a fan of pen and paper or you want to try the mySupermarket app, your shopping list is your number one ally in cutting costs and saving money.


  1. Plan your Meals



So what do you put on your list? Aside from essentials, you’ll want all the ingredients for the week ahead. Creating a meal plan is super easy and can save you money in the long run. You can cut food waste and save time, plus you can organise your lunches and avoid overpaying at lunchtimes. Set aside an hour a week and watch the saving stack up.


  1. Compare



With every supermarket claiming to be the cheapest, how can you really know that you are paying the best price on your weekly shop? Compare your shop from retailer to retailer and you’ll always get the best deal. In the past this would have been impossible, but mySupermarket lets you compare 13 retailers on site or in store with our app.


  1. Watch out for dodgy deals



Supermarkets can be pretty clever with getting us to spend more than we intended, but multibuys are always valuable to the shopper right? Wrong. Supermarkets sometimes use multibuy promotions to get us to spend more. What’s more, most of us aren’t even using the extra products, resulting in more food waste. To see if an offer is really worth it remember to compare the price per unit and think “am I buying this because I need it, or because it’s on offer?”. If it’s the second option, steer clear.


  1. But don’t miss the best!



Luckily there is an easy way to work out which deals are really worth buying. mySupermarket’s Savvy Buys are at least 30% off of their average price. You can set up Price Alerts on your favourite items too, so we’ll let you know when is the best time to stock up.


  1. Shop around if you can



If you have all of the supermarkets in close proximity make the most of it. Offers change from store to store but are often rotated. Instantly check to see if a product is cheaper elsewhere using mySupermarket’s app before you make the extra journey.


  1. Bulk Buy the non-perishables



Bulk buying non-perishable items when they are on offer just makes sense. If you can store it, you can stock up whilst the price is down and save in the long run. Some classic examples of products that will suddenly appear on a great deal and ideal for bulking are: washing liquid, shower gel, tinned tomatoes, crisps, toilet paper, deodorant, toothpaste and fizzy drinks.


  1. Swap and Save



Bigger packs don’t always mean better value. Remember to check unit price when comparing items, it may actually be cheaper to get to smaller packs. Also consider switching up your brand loyalty and experiment with other manufacturer’s products. This doesn’t always mean moving to own brand but by increasing flexibility you’ll be able to bag more bargains.


  1. Watch out for sneaky product placement



We all know that supermarkets put certain products in certain places, but we all still fall for the sweets on the aisle or, more likely, the headache pills. Protect yourself from product placement by sticking to your list. Never ever shop on an empty tummy and make sure you have a (paid for!) bottle of water handy to stop headaches in their tracks.


  1. Don’t forget!



Check the internet for vouchers and hot deals. Twitter and Facebook are great places to start, especially if you’re looking at buying higher ticket items. This is really handy for online shopping but can be helpful in-store too.


Happy Shopping!


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