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Present worthy Peppermint Creams by JustIngredients

JustIngredients are bringing you this delightful recipe for peppermint creams this Christmas. As the home of high quality ingredients that keep your cupboard looking vibrant, JustIngredients are the perfect destination to help you stock up with many familiar herbs & spices. they also have a range of exotic adventures for you to add to your cooking.

You can find them on SHOPS here.


Nothing quite says Christmas like a peppermint cream in front of the telly or as a grand finale to Christmas dinner (if you can fit it in)! Make this Christmas special with home made peppermint creams- they make cracking presents too!



Makes approx. 40-50 Sweets depending on size.

450g (1lb) Icing Sugar, Sifted
125ml Condensed Milk
4 Teaspoons Peppermint Extract or 4-5 Drops Peppermint Oil
Green Food Colouring
200g Dark Bitter Chocolate (70% Cocoa or greater, chose a good quality brand like Rococo)


  1. Sieve the icing sugar into a mixing bowl, then add the condensed milk, peppermint extract or oil if you want to use that instead and a few drops of green food colouring and mix thoroughly until you get a smooth but firm ‘dough’. Make sure that the food colouring and the flavouring are blended in evenly, use a wooden spoon to begin and then use your hands to knead the peppermint ‘dough’.
  2. When the dough is ready, roll it out on a clean surface that has been dusted with icing sugar to about 4-5mm in thickness and use a small cookie cutter or a milk bottle top to cut shapes or rounds. You can also take a piece of dough about the size of a large marble and roll it in your hand and the squash it flat with the back of a fork to give texture.
  3. Leave the peppermint disks to dry out overnight, next day, melt the chocolate in a glass bowl over a pan of hot water, once melted, dip each of the peppermint creams in the chocolate to half cover and put on to greaseproof paper while the chocolate sets. Once the chocolate has set firmly, pack into bags or boxes. If you want to completely cover the peppermint creams in chocolate you’ll need twice as much chocolate.

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