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November 4, 2015
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Wasting Away? How to Cut Your Food Waste

With 7 million tonnes of food being wasted every year, food waste is a hot topic. Aside from the staggering £12.5bn cost to our pockets this is bad for the environment too. But with sell by dates, best befores and the overproduction of our favourite ingredients it is easy to see how food waste has gotten so out of control.

Luckily, it’s just as easy to cut your food waste. Shopping savvy, storing food correctly and portioning your meals can all help you cut your food waste – and your grocery bills too!

Shop Savvy

Planning your weekly shop not only helps you cut your food waste, but it helps you save money too!  Start by checking what you already have in the cupboards and your freezer. Can you make these ingredients part of your plan this week?

Before you shop you can find the best value on mySupermarket, which is also divided up aisle by aisle to help you shop efficiently!




Buying only what you need helps you cut food waste, but it’s also important to save any leftovers you have, too. You can give last night’s dinner a new lease on life by adding it to a salad, stirring it through rice or even popping it in a sandwich!


Store Savvy

Store food correctly and help it last as long as possible. Set your fridge to the correct temperature and store your food efficiently and you could find your food lasts much longer. This means less shopping, less spending and less waste!


We love this handy infographic, print it out and pop it on your fridge for reference!


fridge food storage-infographic

Serve Savvy

Serving sizes can be tricky to master as we all tend to have different definitions of a portion. This often leads to us over compensating when we cook or order our groceries which lead to excess food waste. Even worse, we might not cook enough and find ourselves snacking in the midnight hours!

Check this amazing calculator to work out how much you need to be cooking. Watch out for the common pesky portion offenders rice and pasta- you probably need less than you think so crack out the kitchen scales!


Other top tips

Compost your fresh waste and help your garden grow. Contact your local council and see if you can get a discount on getting started.

Freeze your leftovers or any bulk buy bargains you may come across. Every time you make a big meal (soup, chili, pasta sauce, dhal are all great examples) pop a portion in the freezer. You never know when it could you help you out!

Rethink and revive! Old bread can be baked into French Bread, blitz your overripe avos into a tasty guacamole and stew your apple abundance into a tasty sauce ready for your winter roasts.

What are you top tips for lowering food waste in the home?


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