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Make a Christmas Hamper our How to DIY Guide

Making homemade a Christmas hamper is easy, affordable and fun! Here are some top tips from us here at mySupermarket on how to make a special Christmas hamper with high-quality items, comparisons and delivery.

Creating a homemade Christmas hamper can really show your loved ones you care and as an added bonus they’re often cheaper than the pre-made store alternatives too. Gather your family, especially the little ones, and get ready to build excitement as the big day approaches!

Want to wow your friends and family with your gift-giving skills? Put on your Santa hat, munch on some mince pies and check out mySupermarket’s top tips for making a Christmas Hamper this festive season.

1. Set a budget

Sounds boring we know, but it’s easy to get swept up with all the lovely things available this time of year. If you’re not careful your homemade hamper could cost more than intended. Set a budget and write a brief outline of things you’d like to include in the hamper (like the example below!). Then the fun can begin!

Tip: Use mySupermarket to brainstorm ideas for your Christmas hamper and other Christmas presents and find a deal across 14 retailers. You can save up to 30% by checking real time prices, comparing products in any store you choose and switching brands to make a saving.

hamper starter ideas

Hamper starter idea – how much for that Snaffling Pig gift jar?

2. Homemade hamper boxes: recycle and reuse – can’t lose!

Just because it’s a Christmas hamper doesn’t mean you have to stick with wicker. Get creative with your hamper presentation and have a look around the house for old boxes, tins or cases that you could use as your main hamper vessel. Alternatively check out discount stores such as Poundland or Poundworld, as well as the other supermarkets for cheap stationary baskets that can be made festive with the right tools!

hamper boxes

Box that tea set for a happy hamper!

3. Make your hamper personal

It’s all too easy to be generic this time of year, so show them you really care by filling the hamper with personalised gifts you won’t see elsewhere. SHOPS by mySupermarket makes it easy to find new, bespoke and unique products from independent retailers from across the UK. Like this hamper basket chock full o’ goodies:

Personalized hamper

Adding tasty items like olives, jams or cheeses is a great way to personalize your hamper

Check out these top picks from merchants on SHOPS and find your own inspiration now!

Visit SHOPS for more hamper inspiration!

Here are some more of our favourite products to give you starter ideas you could build your hampers around!

  • You can’t go wrong with 100% natural Happy Jellies – Sour Shots from Sugarsin, everyone’s favourite speciality candy shop
  • High quality Tea Huggers tea bags infused with echinacea, vitamins and fruity pieces to help keep your loved ones safe during flu season
  • We love this Bake with Dad Hamper, beautifully presented in a recycled Kraft Hamper Tray and full of quality baking essentials for the perfect way to spend quality time

Personalise your Christmas hamper even further by including some homemade baked treats too. Just remember to ensure it’s all still edible by the time your gift is received!

What are your top tips on for how to make a Christmas hamper? Please let us know in the comments below!

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