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New Baby Checklist from mySupermarket

To help you through the first few weeks mySupermarket have put together a short Newborn Baby Checklist which can help you get organised and save money too!

There is so much choice on the market telling you and other soon-to-be parents what you need to give your baby the best start. It can be easy to get confused by the number of products and offers available and overspending seems certain. Worse still, it can be easy to overspend on  unnecessary items that clog up your home and drain the bank account. This is bad enough any time, but with a newborn in the house it’s unnecessary stress that the whole family can do without!

baby 2


You can find all your newborn baby essentials, plus other baby stuff for the rest of the journey on mySupermarket. Compare across 13 stores and instantly find the best value; you can save 30% on your newborn baby checklist and your weekly shop too!

Bibs and clothes

It can be tempting to buy every cute outfit you see, especially as your due date gets closer and closer. Remember babies grow (fast!) so don’t spend all your baby clothes budget in the first few weeks. Essentials for newborns include 8-10 onesies (a mix of short and long sleeves), plenty of bibs for feeds and a sun hat to keep them safe as you introduce them to the world!

Feeding accessories

From baby bottles to formula, to breast pads and nipple cream, find the best value and stock up and save with mySupermarket.

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baby imagesNewborns can go through as many as 12 a day (if not more!) so stock up and save before baby arrives. You can compare price per nappy across 13 stores with mySupermarket and save 30%!

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Baby Products

Don’t forget to start stocking special baby products which are kind to baby’s skin (and yours!). Shampoo and bubbles are bath time essentials, as well as hooded towels for drying up after a soak in the tub!

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Keep an eye out for handy baby hampers or ask friends and family to help you stockpile your baby essentials before they arrive. There are always deals on baby stuff across the supermarkets, find the best ones in real time with mySupermarket!

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