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August 23, 2015
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#NationalDogDay with Just Reward Pet Hampers on SHOPS

Just Reward are a hamper service with a difference! Providing your pet with a unique selection of treats, Just Reward Hampers are a perfect gift for your own pet or your pet-owning friends

Inspired by Arthur, the MD’s (Managing Dog) favourites, Just Reward also stock individual items to help you build your own bespoke hampers for your dog or cat.



David from Just Reward (with a little input from Arthur) tells us more:

Why is it that receiving a gift in a hamper is so much nicer than a paper bag? The mere act of choosing something to put in a hamper tends to up the quality of that item from ‘OK’ to ‘Premium’. Preserves are likely to be artisan rather than from the corner shop, wine will be vintage rather than plonk. Receiving a hamper is always an exciting event but sending one to someone  makes you feel as if you are really showing them how much you appreciate them. It is a wonderful thing to do for both the giver or receiver, whether that receiver is a friend, family, or Fido. Wait.  Fido?

Oh, yes, I should have said. The first hamper I received was not in fact even strictly speaking for me. It was addressed to my dog ‘Arthur’.

Christopher choosing stuffing

The parcel arrived on a Friday morning. I was of course intrigued and Arthur could obviously smell the contents as he wouldn’t leave it alone. I ripped open the cardboard box and was confronted with this wonderful wicker construction. In it, was not the usual pet shop stuff. Instead we had treats and cookies etc made by specialist dog bakers following special recipes designed to enhance my dog’s well being. They were all made from the highest quality ingredients, usually organic, with no additives. What is more they were packaged so beautifully I wanted to eat them!

It had come from a friend we had met at a dog agility class. Her pooch had stayed with us for a couple of days while she was in hospital. She had put the hamper together herself. It had a great impact on me and Arthur was in Heaven.

dog 1

It had such an effect in fact, that I searched out the best dog bakers in the country and other suppliers of quality doggie products and started a specialist Pet Hamper company. The reaction has been amazing.

Of course, having all these products available all the time is paradise for Arthur, who is the mascot and MD (Managing Dog) of the business. We tend to stock what he likes best and his favourite individual products are listed below:

  • Lily’s Kitchen Venison & Wild Boar Terrine – what a way to start the day. As with all the foods and snacks we stock Arthur just likes the taste but we are happy him having them. Only the best quality meat is used, no rendered animal parts or derivatives, nothing genetically modified, no artificial preservatives, colours or sweeteners. No wheat, corn or soya. Only wholesome meats, herb flowers, leaves, fruit and vegetables are used to produce a delicious, digestible food for dogs.
  • Animology Paws and Relax Dog Aromatherapy Spray. Contains soothing lavender and chamomile which helps calm and relax anxious Arthur after a busy day as Managing Dog. This vitamin enriched (Pro-Vitamin B5 ) spray also helps to reduce odour and keeps his coat fresh, clean, conditioned and healthy between washes. 
  • Lily’s Kitchen Bedtime Biscuits. This is our best selling individual product. Just one of them being part of Arthur’s going to basket routine at night. Organic oats and rye flour are traditionally baked and include probiotic yoghurt and honey plus passion and chamomile flowers to aid digestion. They’re also hypoallergenic, wheat-gluten free and low in fat and do not contain any chemicals or anything artificial. 

Hampers are always lovely to receive whether you have two legs or four. Arthur’s favourites are great additions to your own hampers. The above products would be lovely as part of a bigger gift but also individually on their own too!


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