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Healthy Summer Snacking with Clearly Scrumptious

Clearly  Scrumptious was founded by Rick and James after they were left disappointed by other dried fruit options. RickJames4

“The products we found were lacking in flavour were packed with sugar and barely resembled fruit at all. The fruit that we did find was always in large bags and wasn’t really suited for our life on the go.”

Tackling the issue of healthy snacks on the go head on, the guys created Clearly Scrumptious. We caught up with James for some ideas about healthy snacking on the go this summer.


At Clearly Scrumptious we understand how easy it is to slip into unhealthy snacking habits when on the go. Busy lives and hectic schedules often lead us to be tempted by snacks that are readily available and give us a bit of a foodie pick me up.  We wanted to make healthy summer snacks available to the whole family so created scrumptious snacks for grown-ups and tasty treats for kids too!

For the Grown Ups

Our adult snack range was created with busy summer holidays in mind. Each fruit has been selected to taste Scrumptious and mimic the sensations we typically associate with unhealthy snacks that give us that ‘comfort’ feeling. Where our snacks differ is that we have created them with a strong set of health and inclusion values. Calorie controlled portions, free from gluten, wheat and dairy also a portion of your 5-a-day.  Perfect for nibbling between busy summer schedules, at your desk or on a picnic this summer: next time you reach for a chocolate bar or bag of crisps why not give them a go instead?


Top Tip:

Keep hunger at bay and sprinkle a portion of Clearly Scrumptious over your breakfast or, if feeling particularly adventurous, why not at a sprinkle to your lunchtime salad too? Cranberries are deceptively good with spinach!

For the Kids

Our Scrummies kids snacks were launched to provide a healthy treat to add to lunch-boxes and mums’ handbags everywhere for when on the move. With 5 fruity flavours to choose from they are great to keep little hands busy and tummies full. Scrummies are all 100% natural, gluten, wheat and dairy free. Their 20g portion make them perfect for in between meals so you can enjoy 5 minutes of peace and quiet whilst knowing that your kids are still eating healthily. With flavours chosen by kids for kids we know they will go down a storm.

Clearly Scrumptious

Top Tip:

Keep little hands busy on rainy days (they’re bound to happen!) over the summer holidays and get baking! Scrummies are perfectly portioned for easy healthier baking recipes like fruity scones or flapjacks! Best of all you can then pack up a picnic with your freshly baked goodies or nibble away during long car journeys.


What are your top tips for healthy summer snacks?

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