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Meet the Merchants: Rococo Chocolates

Rococo Chocolates are determined to change the way fine chocolate was perceived and presented. Chantal Coady transformed the then stuffy, conservative, commercial norm of chocolate retailing to the inspiring engagement of the senses that such a delectable delight deserved.

We chatted to Tom Coady, director of e-commerce for Rococo, to learn more about the business and what makes it special.


How and when did Rococo start up?

Following on from a Saturday job in Harrods selling chocolate, Chantal passionately knew she wanted to create her own magical emporium of luxury chocolate. In 1983 she managed to set up the first Rococo Chocolates shop at 321 Kings Road in Chelsea where Rococo continues to trade from today.

What makes the company special?

I would say that our company’s unique and special nature is down to a combination of design and ethics. When it was first started up the intention was to create something innovative that stood out from the more generic companies at the time. As well as providing great value and free shipping, we take great pride in our strong ethics.


Where does the chocolate come from?

Rococo takes the view that the only way to be sure that we are producing a product with no hint of exploitation is to know the provenance of all the chocolate and confectionery that is produced in house. With this in mind we source some of our chocolate couverture from Grenada, strengthening our ties with the Caribbean island and the Grenada Chocolate Company, which produces organic chocolate. We ensure a good price for the farmers and a good wage for their labourers.

In backing of our belief in above market wage for farmers and labourers, we recently jointly bought a small cocoa plantation in Grenada on behalf of the Organic Cocoa Regeneration Project, to be managed by and provide raw cocoa for the Grenada Chocolate Company.

We also use chocolate coverture, both organic and non-organic, from a European manufacturer who is firmly committed to sustainable development in cocoa producing countries and condemns child trafficking and exploitative child labour.

What is your all-time favourite product and why?

This is a tricky one, but I would have to say our recent fresh ganache. It’s available in such a wide variety of flavours, from caramel to passion fruit, and delicious in every single one of them!


What has been the highlight of your career at Rococo?

We’ve had lots of proud moments here, but for me the highlight has been the awards we’ve been fortunate enough to win, for example the Academy of Chocolate Award, which is a highly prestigious award given out once every two years. (The list of all the awards Rococo Chocolates have won is too long to mention here, but you can read more about them here).

rococo 1


And finally, what is your favourite part of your job?

Personally, I love the creative side of my job. I particularly enjoy developing images into graphics and using them to make our site look as professional and welcoming as our company is.

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