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Guest Post: Is being loyal to one supermarket costing you money?

In this guest post Sam from Mummy Market looks at top saving tips fomummy market logor parents when it comes to grocery shopping. Mummy Market is a blog and price comparison site that brings all the deals, prices and events all in one place for parents to easily read and refer to when out shopping.


Good question and one that I would answer ‘yes’.

Jack arrived 18 months ago. Before I got pregnant my husband John and I bought whatever we wanted in the nearest supermarket to us. We did a big shop and both found we ‘popped in’ to treat ourselves often.  We received points for shopping there so why go anywhere else?

I’m now a full-time Mum to Jack so with just one wage coming in and a very expensive little boy in the house, you have to be shop savvy!

All the supermarkets have stepped up their game with reward cards and regular mailings with money off coupons, extra points incentives and discounts on the things you buy often. It seems there is a move away from collecting points (Sainsbury’s have recently reduced the amount of points you earn on certain purchases) to specific offers for all. We even got a voucher for a free washing up liquid last week.


When writing my price comparison blog I see deals advertised on all the major supermarket websites and there are some big savings to be made.  John and I don’t really have a preference where we shop, we just want to get the best value for money.  We are lucky having so much choice locally, but most people have two or three major retailers nearby.

I use mySupermarket for nappies and wipes to compare prices. I do this for my blog but also personally as these are high value, high consumption items and something you don’t want to spend over the odds for. I also check out soft drinks and laundry products. I write down where to buy these and try to pop in when passing or get John to visit in his lunch hour or on the way home from work.

baby offers pic

mySupermarket’s dedicated Baby Shelf is a great place to start your savings!

We reached the conclusion that rather doing a big shop in once place, shopping in three or four different places regularly could really save you money.  By doing this, retailers will all send you vouchers for money off your shop or products you buy, often at different times so you can really optimise your savings.

Another great tip for parents is to register with brands or baby clubs online. You will receive money off coupons on a regular basis that you can use anywhere.  I regularly receive £1 off vouchers for Pampers. Some of the main supermarkets mail out vouchers/highlights of deals when they run their baby or other events and have saved us money in the past.

Bargains aren’t just available to Mums. I came across Johnson & Johnson’s Caring Everyday website and by registering, you receive vouchers on a range of personal care and household products. There are many many more, just Google for your favourite products or brand and the word ‘vouchers’.

So register for all the relevant clubs and brands online, and consider changing your shopping habits from a single big shop in one store to more, smaller shops in different stores. You’ll quickly find that what you may lose on gaining loyalty points is gained back in lower prices and more cash left in your purse.

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