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Guest Post: Advice for New Parents by Top 100 Baby Products

New parent or soon to be? This guest post by Top 100 Baby Products is full of tips and advice to help you make the best decisions for you and your family during this really  exciting (and often scary) time!

Thousands of parents across the UK are having their say with Top 100 Baby Products – the UK’s first definitive guide to baby products. You can vote for your favourite products until the end of July and help inform other parents. Below are just some of the themes that have emerged and advice in each of the areas so far.


The pushchair cost more than my first car!

I want only the best for my baby!

Sound familiar?

Parents are telling us the about the bout of madness that often takes over as hormones and panic take over.  Our advice is simple: you need less than you think. Remember to keep in mind you will be swayed by new hormones and emotions as the big day approaches. It’s hard to ignore them but have a budget in mind for the main items. Ask others for advice and listen to the suggestions of parents in the know.

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It’s not for everyone, but more and more families are having kids close in age, mainly to save on cost, time and energy. If this sounds like you. it may be worth considering products that are durable and have a long lifespan. It is often worth investing!


Parenting is hard. Parenting and looking cool, calm and collected even more so! Parents are choosing to buy products that suit lifestyle choices that facilitate routines and practicalities as opposed to latest trends. Remember, even Ryan Gosling looks flustered with vomit on his shoulder. Our advice is to not be distracted by what looks trendy and glamorous, just keep it focused on practical lifestyle considerations. This may mean waiting till the baby is born for some items to be purchased. For example a Moses basket may be more practical if you are in the middle of a move then than a cot.

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Shopping for toys as an additional purchase with visits to online supermarkets is increasing.  You can avoid making an irrational decision because of an in-store tantrum; picking up something this way is a great way of taking your time without distractions.

Better still, compare and shop online. You can now get Toys and Games on mySupermarket.


The Top 100 Baby Products guide will be officially launched 12 October 2015, as a yearly updated publication plus free online resource, both as an e-book and optimised interactive website. Subscribe here for the latest news and the official guide in e-book format.

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What advice would you give new parents, or if you’re expecting, what would you like to know? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter here.

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