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5 tips to help you make a saving RIGHT NOW

To save or not to save. That is the question.

Well, actually that’s not the question at all because given the chance most of us would choose to save on our supermarket shop!

Follow these 5 tips and you could make a saving on your very next shop. Whether you prefer shopping online, in store, all at once or bit by bit; test out the following tips and tools and start saving on your supermarket shop right now.

  1. Start with Savvy Buys

Exclusive to mySupermarket, a Savvy Buy is any item with at least 30% off of its average price. We check the price across the stores available over the past 12 months and let you know if the product is particularly good value right now, even if the store doesn’t!

savvy buys

TOP TIP Interested to see how much supermarket prices change? You can scroll down on any mySupermarket product page to view the average price graph. Be warned though, they can be a bit of a roller coaster!price graphs

  1. Create a list

Fail to plan and you plan to fail.Taking the time to organise your food shop before you get to the store protects you from unnecessary spending.  Whether you’re a fan of pen and paper or you want to try a savvy app like mySupermarket, your shopping list is your number one ally in cutting costs!

quicklist gif

TOP TIP Enter your list onsite using the Quick List feature and we’ll build you your own personal supermarket shelf dedicated to what you need- cutting time and the chance of impulse buying.

  1. Swap and Save

When you are shopping and comparing on mySupermarket, we’ll scour the shelves for the best deals to make sure you never miss a bargain. If we find you can make a Swap and Save, we’ll let you know!

swap and save

TOP TIP Bigger packs don’t always mean better value. Remember to check unit price when comparing items, it may actually be cheaper to get two smaller packs than one big one! Also consider switching up your brand loyalty and experimenting with other manufacturers’ products. This doesn’t always mean moving to own brand but by increasing flexibility you’ll be able to bag more bargains!

  1. Compare the supermarkets and halt overspending

With every supermarket claiming to be the cheapest, how can you really know that you are paying the best price on your weekly shop? Compare your shop from retailer to retailer and you’ll always get the best deal. In the past this would have been impossible, but mySupermarket lets you compare 11 retailers on site or in store with our app.

trolley comparison

TOP TIP If you have all of the supermarkets in close proximity make the most of it. Offers change from store to store but are often rotated. Instantly check to see if a product is cheaper elsewhere using mySupermarket’s app before you make the extra journey.

  1. Set up a Price Alert

We have a secret weapon when it comes to finding the best deals on your favourite items. It is not quite MI5, but it can boost your savings. Introducing Price Alerts.

Price Alerts let you know when your favourite items are at least 30% cheaper than their average price. Set them up on your favourite items and we’ll let you know with an email the best time to buy and where.

Set up a Price Alert now and never miss another offer!


  1. ShirleyG says:

    Thanks for yet another great service to us. As well as less money, I wonder if the growing number of TV programmes on recycling, terrible food wastage, what is in processed food, money saving tips, sewing, getting things for free etc, is beginning to make it fashionable and practical to make and make do. I sometimes think I am watching wartime TV, if only they had it, as it’s often great educational TV. It has definately educated me. I have started remaking clothes, making bread, jam, sausages, ice lollies, ice-cream, baking etc, not always but enough to cut my shopping on these things by half. I have found it cheaper, fun,i know what’s in the food and it helps me lose weight as i can use alternative ingredients. So now i may buy a loaf of bread one every few months if the freezer is empty and i dont have time. I am now investigating the cost efficiency of running a second freezer to store the great bargains I find on Mysupermarket and finding, after some investigating, that many more things than I thought, are freezable. I have a draw full of milk, which i now know needs shaking up after freezing to reintergrate cream, after seeing the offer on MSup. I hope proper Home Economics in its broadest sense is being taught inschools and of course Mysupermarket would have to be one of the tools tsught. Thanks again.

  2. Peter says:

    Any chance the price alert can be by retailer rather than across the board? I am not interested in a price drop in Wautrose, for example, as there is no Waitrose nearby.

    • HI Peter! Thanks for your message. We checked-in with the product development team who let us know that this is something they’re working on. It’s a great suggestion and hopefully one we can see on the site and the app soon. Thanks for taking the time to let us know your feedback, it’s much appreciated 🙂

  3. Still in the Closet…haaaaaaayyy

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