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March 15, 2015
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Top 5 ways to make a saving on EVERY trip to the supermarket

Food shopping can be far from fun. Just the thought of big, busy stores, wonky trolley wheels and the never ending beeps from the checkout can darken any mood!

Self-serve supermarkets became popular in the 1950s because they were cheaper and more convenient. So why is it now such a hassle when stocking up our cupboards? As for being cheaper, have you noticed that no matter how many ‘offers’ you put in your trolley the overall cost just goes up and up?

Luckily, things are changing. mySupermarket are placing the power back into shopper’s hands and helping them shop economically . Through price comparison across 11 stores, unique saving features and an easily navigable website my Supermarket helps shoppers find the best value and take the hassle out of supermarket shopping.  After all, we’ve all got better things to do!

Here are mySupermarket’s top 5 tips for grocery shopping that saves you time and money, in store and online!

  1. Really ‘make’ a list

It is so easy to do that many of us think we don’t need to. Our brains can only hold around 7 items at one time and, unless you’re popping out for a pint of milk or loaf of bread, mental shopping lists just don’t work! Take the time to physically write a list and you’ll protect yourself from unnecessary purchases, tempting tricks and over spending.

  1. Check unit price

This is the number one tip for any shopper looking to get the best out of their shop. The unit price is a key indicator for value but can often be difficult to work out in store with multiple distractions. Plan your shop before you go or compare value instantly with mySupermarket’s app and find real value on your shop every week.

  1. Keep special offers special

Special offers should be special occasions, so why do we walk down supermarket aisles and see a sign a second? Not all special offers will save you money, in fact the opposite is true. If you’re tempted, ask yourself 3 things: is the item is on your list? Is it suitable for storing? Do you really need extra? Don’t forget to also check out mySupermarket’s Savvy Buys- offers with at least 30% off of the average price and savings really worth making!

  1. Choose your time

If you can, shop later in the day or even close to closing time. You’ll find that many stores will reduce fresher items and you can really cash in if you hone in on the reduced sections. Most of the time sell by dates on food are not indicative of the product’s status so items you pick up reduced are just as edible, even if they sometimes don’t look as nice!

  1. Keep your options open

Loyalty doesn’t go far these days when it comes to supermarkets as even loyalty cards can make you spend more. Switch stores and brands and switch that hefty supermarket bill for a leaner version! If you choose to stay in one store, try switching brands to take advantage of promotions. If you’re lucky enough to live near many stores it may be worth dividing your shop as product offers often rotate.  This can take a little more time but if you’ve prepared a list and pre-checked which items you need you can be in and out of the store in a flash.

What are your top tips for hassle free shopping? Do you think self-serve supermarkets really are better value for the shopper or is it time for a shopping revolution?

Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Elizabeth Fison says:

    Have you ever worked out how many times you “pick up” your shopping in a supermarket. From the shelf into the trolley, then onto the checkout, then back into your bag/basket, then into your car, then back out of the car, into the house, then finally into the cupboards. I make that at least 7 times not counting putting it onto the floor whilst opening the front door and then picking it back up again ! Hassle, yes !

  2. Wendy Sage says:

    I agree make a list and keep to it. Also pay by cash so you keep an eye on the total cost, or use a calculator as you shop so you keep an eye on the total before using your card.

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  4. […] Find out how you can make a saving right now here. […]

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