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The secret to supermarket saving

Many of us compare larger, more significant purchases before we make them. But what could be more significant than the food you put on the table every day?  Simply saving 50p on a daily shop adds up to an annual saving of over £180, but it can be harder than you think to save even this on a spontaneous trip down the aisles.

The secret to supermarket saving is comparison. You may be wondering why we can’t just grab the deals and follow the special promotions and save that way. Because, sadly, everything is not always what it seems in the world of the supermarket shop. This is why mySupermarket are here to make it easier for you to save every time you shop!

So why is comparing a shop so important?

Wandering Deals

Not all deals are created equal in any supermarket. This is something most shoppers are now aware off but even the most thrifty of shoppers would struggle to keep track of changing deals without extra help. Supermarkets often rotate deals within different product categories weekly, or even daily! Furthermore, deals on your favourite items and brands often rotate from supermarket to supermarket.

The good news is you can instantly view the price of an item across 11 retailers with mySupermarket and even do it in store with the mySupermarket app.  This gives you the ability to compare the deals available in each store and also the cost of your overall basket. If you’d rather not switch store, no problem, mySupermarket even helps you compare deals within the same store with our nifty Swap and Save suggestions too.

wandering deals

Changing Prices

This year mySupermarket investigated the average price of popular Mother’s Day gifts including Boxed Chocolates,  Beauty Gift Sets and Fresh Flowers. We wanted to see where shoppers could get the best value and see how the retailers were pricing seasonal purchases compared to 2014. The result showed that in many stores the average price of Mother’s Day gifts had reduced. Hurray! We still found examples of category increases though, including a 59% increase in the average price of Beauty Gift Sets in one retailer! This is a huge overspend and one that mum might even question!

With supermarket prices changing so often, it is even more important to compare price at the time of your shop. You can check how the average price of your favourite items has changed over the past 12 months just by scrolling down on mySupermarket and viewing the price chart. You can check when it is a good time to buy and even set up Price Alerts which ensure you never miss a deal again. Price look sky high today? Don’t forget you can instantly compare with the other stores too!

price graph

Too much choice?

Supermarkets stock a huge variety of items. Take all the products included on the shelves and then  multiply by the various product tiers (think essentials, finest, branded items, own brand equivalents to name a few!) and suddenly the shoppers right to choose is looking more like a wrong.  Comparing your shop and the items in it gives you the chance to choose based on value rather than flashy marketing and packaging. Comparing also protects you from not so special deals as you can work out the saving for yourself.

The best way to compare items when you shop is to look at the price per unit (PPU). This allows you to see the value of an item in a format you can easily compare to other options. Supermarkets don’t always make this easy however, often changing the units compared from sign to sign. If you don’t fancy spending 5 minutes comparing the PPU of every item that goes in your trolley, use mySupermarket  and the app to see the PPU for each item and even before and after a special deal. So you can really see if that’s the best option for you and your purse!

comapre ppu

So there you have it. 3 reasons why you should compare your grocery shop. It’s no secret that we’re big on price comparison at mySupermarket. We have to be. It is our (Savvy Buy) bread and butter! It is also something we truly believe in. Simply comparing your grocery shop, whether that is a pint of milk and a loaf of bread or a month’s supply of essentials could save you up to 30% week after week. That sounds pretty significant to us!

How do you compare your weekly shop? Do you save money by doing so? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @mySupermarket .

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