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Make February fit & fabulous!

Make February Fit & Fabulous with mySupermarket!

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? We sure can, judging by our bank accounts and gloomy moods. Winter is really starting to bite and without the promise of Christmas on the horizon, things can be pretty blue.

So we’ve decided to make February Fit & Fabulous! Read on for 3 thrifty tips for picking up your mood and getting through the last of winter with a smile.

  1. Eat well

Even if your New Year resolution to eat a little better is looking less lustrous than the pack of celery lurking at the back of the fridge you can eat your way to happiness. And we’re not just talking about chocolate!

Eating in season is often cheaper than eating food that has come from the other side of the world or brought to ripeness artificially. Rediscover new ways to eat winter favourites such as kale and parsnips or liven up your fruit bowl with pomegranates and blood oranges. Exploring new tastes and textures can boost your mood and re energise your healthy resolutions. Plus as most of our kitchens are indoors you won’t even need to worry about the weather!

  1. Shake your thing

Don’t feel like a 5k run? Us neither. January is all about getting fit but we can all over do it in our quest to banish the Christmas love handles. More often than not we’re a little fatigued come February. Remember that exercise in any form can lift your spirits thanks to endorphins. You don’t need to run a marathon, just go for a brisk walk, have a boogie or embark on a lively house cleaning session. We recommend a soundtrack of hits from the 70s but this (and the hairbrush microphone) is entirely optional.

  1. Catch some sun

If you’re very lucky you’ll be spending February somewhere warm and sunny, lying on white sands and bathing in turquoise oceans. If like most of us the closest you get to experiencing the above is the smell of your shampoo, you can still boost your mood with a tan top up.

More of us than ever are turning to bottled sunshine as we’ve seen  searches for sun care go up by 106%, whilst self-tan and bronzer searches increased by 135% and 158% compared to January 2014.

Supermarkets are stocking more tanning goodies than ever, adding a whopping 180% more sun care products to their shelves compared to last year. From mousse and bronzer to daily moisturisers there is a tanning option for you, so go catch some rays here!

How do you banish the winter blues? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @mySupermarket!

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