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The official mySupermarket Creme Egg Review!

First came the news that sales of brown sauce were falling, then Cadbury’s confessed to changing the recipe of the Creme Egg. One has to wonder what the world (or at least Britain) is coming to.

Cadbury’s defended the move by pointing out that “The Creme Egg had never been called Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Creme Egg”. Still the news that the chocolate on a quintessential part of UK Easter festivities for over 50 years is changing has left a fair few of us shell shocked.

There was a tangible sense of unease within the mySupermarket office this week. Finally, around 2pm on Thursday, our Head of Marketing Rafi couldn’t take it any more and, armed with a handful of red and purple ovals, we decided to see what (if any) damage had been done.


Somewhat excited, Rafi had actually devoured half an egg before we had time to pick up our note pads, leaving our plans scrambled. However, here are the comments we could decipher in between the chomping:

“It definitely feels smaller. I mean, I know the pack size is smaller, but the egg itself feels less. I’d usually go in with a softly softly approach, chipping the top of the egg and scooping out the middle. However, when I tried this the chocolate gave way straight away, so I feel like I have to eat it quicker than I’d like.

It definitely tastes different. I’d almost describe it as powdery.  Luckily the middle bit still tastes like the Tooth Fairy’s worst nightmare. So that’s something I suppose.”

Verdict: The Creme Egg is a true choccy champion in my book, worthy of 9/10. This incarnation only gets an 8, but I still love it.

Rafi reached for another egg ‘for consistency purposes’ 5 minutes later, before suffering a sugar crash within the hour. His head was still on the desk when we left the office.


Emma, another self-confessed chocolate connoisseur of the mySupermarket office, also rose to the Creme Egg challenge:

“It does feel to me like the chocolate is smoother, but not in a good, creamy way. I’d normally just nuzzle at the top you know? This would just become more of a mush so I would have to change how I eat it. It feels more…cloy-y in my mouth, it’s all over my back teeth.

Verdict: The classic Creme Egg gets an  8 out of 10 from me, this gets a 6.”

Harsh words for harsh times.


Confused by the outrage and commotion Gili, who moved to the UK last summer, was keen to see what all the fuss was about. If you ever get the chance to witness a Creme Egg first timer take on the gooey goodness we heartily recommend you do so.

“What…what do you do with this? It feels pretty chunky, I expect great things. Now, do I crack it or split it into two? I’m going to try to break it half…wait no, I think I’ll just take it from the top.”

 She bites.

“Hmm. What is that? I don’t know about this. How do I get that bit out, do I want to? Is there more? Like a walnut maybe? There should be.”



“The chocolate is fine, but it tastes a bit like diet chocolate. No seriously, what is that?! Can I just have the chocolate?”

So the new recipe can’t be that bad, perhaps we’re all over reacting a little bit after all.

Overall Verdict:

We notice a difference, but are open to change. Maybe it is time for a new Easter herald? Check out the blog over the next few weeks when Rafi takes another one for the team and taste tests the Egg N Spoon offering.

Have you noticed a difference in Creme Eggs? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @mysupermarketuk

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  1. Caroline says:

    Can’t say noticed a lot of difference. Maybe a little smaller. Still absolutely yummy!!!

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