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Stir it up Sunday – Can you stir up a saving on pricey puds?

If you like your Christmas a bit old school, you probably know that the time to make your own Christmas pudding has now passed. Last Sunday was ‘Stir It Up Sunday’ and marked the last chance to start making your home-made Christmas puddings before the big day. Don’t panic. If you’re worried you have missed out, it may have been a lucky escape.

Curious to see if it is cheaper to make your own puddings we looked at the price of these staple ingredients over the past 3 years. Are you stirring up a saving or are you more likely to  cut costs with convenient ready-made puddings?

Ingredient list*



Dried figs

Mixed peel

Glacé cherries

Dried apricots




Large eggs


Muscovado sugar

Self-raising flour

Mixed spice


*We took a look at average pricing data for the above ingredients over 2012 (October- December), 2013 (October-December) and 2014 (October – Mid November).

What did we find?

It’s 38% more expensive to buy your ingredients in Asda and Tesco this year compared to 2012. That’s more than a third more!

It costs £8.80 more to make your pudding in Asda this year (compared to 2012) and £8.19 in Tesco.

It is also more expensive in Sainsbury’s but only by £2.89.

That could really leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but it is not all bad news.

Butter is now 33% cheaper compared to 2013 in Tesco and 27% cheaper in Sainsbury’s compared to last year. So even if you have missed out on putting your pudding together, you can still save on this cooking staple.

One of the key flavours in Christmas pudding is the brandy. Brandy is only up 3% in Tesco this year, so we’re thinking about skipping dessert and going straight to the digestif!

Last but not least, here are the average totals for the ingredients across Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys*:
 average prices 2014

Of course, if you consider cost per portion, it may still be cheaper to make your own. Sure you can make multiple Christmas puddings once you have the ingredients in your cupboard, but who wants to make Christmas pudding in April?

For a once a year occasion you may be better off going ready made. Embrace the season with a saving and find the best value on your festive food with mySupermarket.

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