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How do Morrisons prices stack up against the big 4 supermarkets?

Morrisons has always been the store that most of you have asked us to add, and finally it’s here.

They are currently only delivering in a small area of the country but they are on our mobile app too, so you can use the power of mySupermarket across the country.  You can use it to prepare a list and send it to the app.  Here you can also compare your basket price across all the stores, and  scan and compare products whilst in any store too.

But how do they stack up?  Can you save even more by including Morrisons in your search for the best value?  We certainly think you can.

Immediately we are able to highlight to you all the savvy buys (products at least 30% below their average price across all the retailers) – and there are some crackers- some of which we have shown below.  I have also included some of the fantastic offers you will find in the other stores.   All this adds up to the fact you will now have a much wider range of great prices to choose from.


Great prices from our newest retailer – but, as always, it pays to shop around.  Here’s a selection of some of the outstanding deals at the other stores:






As always, we would love to know what YOU think.  Is it useful to you to be able to compare Morrisons?  Will this help you save more this year? Let us know in the comments or on our Facebook page.

Happy savvy shopping.


  1. TykeLass says:

    Morrisons delivering in the Leeds, Yorkshire area, leaflets in my local store and delivery booked for next week 🙂

  2. mary bartlett says:

    Lidl needs to go on as well.

  3. Christo;her Gibbins says:

    i think morrisons are very exspensive when it comes yo red and white wines
    £4 95 per bottle supposed minis %50
    Asda price 3 for £10 00
    off licence in crayford Kent Chardonat £3 31 per bottle ror the same size

  4. Ged Griffiths says:

    Do most of my shopping at Aldi and they knock the spots off all of the supermarkets featured above. You never include Aldi in price comparisons. Why not?

    • James says:

      Hi Ged – we give sample comparisons using mainly brands, so that we can show as many stores as possible and therefore show the vast majority of supermarkets. Unfortunately Aldi stock very few brands, but we’ll include them where we can. I also stated quite clearly in my blog of last week that Aldi is a great place to shop and get big savings.

    • sylvia anne humphreys says:

      Aldi is one of the best supermarlets for prices, especially on fruit and veg, and good quality too. I do on line shopping with asda as aldi unfortunatey dont always stock everything but asda will takes take some beating too, but if in town its aldi for the super savings and decent quality products and fine wines at prices that dont hurt the pocket,
      sylvia anne feb 3rd

  5. Richard Bird says:

    Morrisons is where I shop and I am more than satisfied with the reductions in store that I do not see the need to compare.

  6. Alan says:

    Where is Aldi?

  7. Barry Futers says:

    Used to shop at Morrisons. The rate of increase on prices was so great that we went to Tesco
    to reduce our shopping bill.
    None of them are good but Morrisons are without doubt, the worst.

  8. mrs v. says:

    I shop at Morrisons locally,I only shop on line when I cannot get out (I am in my eights and have arthritics) I thought good I can get what I like most, but when I looked at their web site I found it unusable,I rang the phone number and told them so, hopefuly they have improved a lot since then.

  9. ian says:

    what about edinburgh

  10. alan says:

    I used to use Morrisons a lot, but after a while their prices shot up, so I rarely go there now

  11. Geraldine Hanson says:

    Please add aldi to your comparison list, this is certainly the way forward with shopping
    Keep up the good work and thank you to all your team

  12. andrew says:

    i think all stores are the same, whats dearer in 1 store may be cheaper in another, the way do do it is to spend your life racing from store to store trying to get the best deals on different items, like we have all got the time to do that NOT!!.i think most stores try and extract as much money out of their customers as they can to make better profits which is why they are there not to look after their customers as they would have you believe ok rant finished.

    • helen says:

      i agree with u , the prices r all fixed , to rip us off ….. princess orange juice , half price at Morrisons 79p , but how can b&m stores sell this at that price all the time , So all the big stores r ripping us off , by creating any prices they want to charge ….. fuel is the same , what is the actual price for a litre …. what ever they want to charge

    • Maureen Green says:

      Andrew, you first take a look on and see just where the cheapest prices are and then arrange where you should shop that day/week very simple. This is how I plan my shopping but having said that I do my main shopping in Aldis, frozen food Iceland, and a bus ride away from home I can reach Sainsbury’s, Asda, & Tesco’s even though it’s in the other direction. No I don’t go to them all at the same time but pick what I need from any certain store

      • James says:

        Excellent strategy. And if you are lucky enough to have storage you can bulk buy when prices are the lowest this year and save even more.

  13. Tony handy says:

    Interesting and informative. This was most helpful.

  14. Jean says:

    Many thanks for adding Morrisons, it will make a huge difference to my search across the main supermarkets for value. Keep up the good work.

  15. William Bridge says:

    Why is Lidl not on good place to shop

  16. kingsley says:

    Great news that you have added Morrisons,Good work.

  17. anne iles says:

    as I have to rely on using my mobility scooter I find Morrisons very easy to shop,staff are so helpful if I cant reach an item,other customers as well,the aisles are wide enough despite the points of sale baskets,b o g o f items good,I always spend more than intended because of that,but always a bargain.Check out staff always help with packing for me,even help to load up my scooter,nothing is too much trouble-thank you all,anne using Fishponds Bristol store

  18. Tobias says:

    What I’d like from your site:

    1) a view of the basket which shows the prices of each item across the various stores. Currently you can change the supermarket and update your basket but it’s not easier to compare by flicking back and forth

    2) ability to shop for stuff on a unit price basis: for instance olive oil by £/litre, with filters on std/virgin/extra virgin; or tissues at £/tissue, with filters on brand, size etc. It would also be useful to set price alerts against this type of search, rather than against a specific product

  19. Tony C says:

    I live in a great spot for shopping. Morrison’s and Aldi near enough Side by side. the evening before my shop I check prices on the net for both stores. The only exception being cereals. Aldi knocks the spots of the competition. I am disabled and as was mentioned before Morrison’s are the best for the disabled. When things are bad with my health I shop on line and coming from Morecambe I only have the choice of Tesco or Asda. Never been or shopped in Lidl so it would be nice to have their prces. PS Aldi can be looked at on line

  20. Lancelot Sanderson says:

    Morrisons is VERY generous/considerate price-wise, and too good to ignore. As I see it, even the relevant ignorance is expensive !
    Regards to ALL at Morrisons.

  21. Toto says:

    Tinned tuna is half price! Much cheaper than elsewhere!

  22. Ann Quinn says:

    I am disabled and have to shop online. Morrisons,Lidl and Aldi don’t deliver in my area. I’d use one of them if I could.

  23. Lou says:

    I’ve stopped shopping in morrisons full stop !! . Way over priced an fresh fruit an veg goes off in the boot of the car on the way home !! Still I don’t have time to compare every one of em are guna get u some where I’m now converted to Aldi an its CHEAP

  24. joy clare says:

    I wish you would deliver in our area!

  25. Patrick Edwards says:

    Great to have Morrisons added to you list – thank you!

  26. mr richards says:

    I don’t shop at morrisons in redcar anymore as I used to buy colliers powerfull welsh cheddar cheese from there they them stopped selling it in favour for there own brands, I asked the manager if they would reconsider selling this product again they wernt interested, so I now shop at aldi and Tesco in redcar where you get better service than what you got at morrisons

  27. Eric Michel says:

    Morrisons are good but some prices go up and down like a yoyo. I cannot read their instructions on frozen food without a magnifying glass.

  28. E.P.Campbell says:

    shop at morrisons occasionally. would shop there more often if they had more check outs open
    at lunch time aberdeen store has very seldom got more than 2 check outs open when store is very busy with office workers on lunch break causing long queues

  29. Tom Kennedy says:

    Aldi are without doubt the best for many goods, especially cold meats but the quality of their butcher meat is not as good as other stores.

  30. MR T HARDY says:

    morrisons are ok for some things but milk 3 for £3.00 ok but buy one and it is £1.38 i need five each week so we go to aldi or sainsburys where you can any amount for £1.00 each.potatoes 12. 5 kilos £4.99 I went last week and they had gone up to £6 99 up £2.00 in one week

    • jr says:

      yes mr t hardy, the potatoes were on offer. they used to be £7.99, went down to £4.99, then back to £6.99 so still £1.00 cheaper then before

  31. Ken says:

    Hi James…Excellent site…Well done to all. Err!! I do a lot of my shopping at Iceland, and not just frozen food. Cheaper than most supermarkets too. Good luck!!

  32. Richard Brinsden says:

    Try farm foods limited range but brilliant prices!

  33. M. Welsh says:

    I do my mothers weekly shop in morrisons banchory and quite frankly I think you should close it. Certainly not my choice.
    That is where she would normally shop is she could.

  34. Petrina Nicoll says:

    Great to see morrisons come on board. I do most of my shopping there and the prices re very good.

  35. Paul Jennion says:

    I have now found Morrisons to be very expensive for a lot of my favourite food items ASDA were cheaper when I finished adding items.

  36. Peter Hudson says:

    My wife and I do most of our weekly shopping at Morrisons.However, for items such as washing products, cereals, kitchen towels, toiletries etc, we first check the prices (of the brands we use) in all the supermarkets listed on your excellent website then buy them from the supermarket or supermarkets with the lowest price.

    Peter Hudson

  37. john price says:

    i am an asda shopper 1st then aldi and lidl rarely i pop imto morrisons, far to expensive , but thier doughnuts are the best out of all the shops .a new morrisons just opened in gloucester , but no one goes shopping there the car park is always empty

  38. Gaynor Breffit says:

    I shop at Morrison’s nowand then but find their prices go up by a few pence on some mitems, not 1 or 2. I shop around for the best prices, but I find Tesco more expensive. It,s swings and roundabouts really,as can’t afford to go round each store.

  39. Marian Hawkins says:

    I shop at Aldi as there prices are cheaper than Morrisons.Also Aldi is nearer for me as I don’t have a car.

  40. margaret spence says:

    I already shop in morrisons when I can get but have to get most from Tesco but only because they deliver in Barnsley let me know when you start here

  41. Graeme says:

    Used to shop at morrisons, never any staff on tills, prices too expensive, fruit not as fresh as it could be.

  42. leviman10 says:

    Just a shame Aldi doesn`t deliver, it knocks spots off all the other supermarkets. Find your site briiliant to use, thank you.

  43. john wadman says:

    I use Morrisons quite a lot as it’s on the way home from work. They’re cheaper than the other big chains plus they have some great bargains. They’ve just started delivering in this area so I will definitely be giving that a try

  44. Jim Brown says:

    If Morrison’s delivered in my area I’d certainly use them more

  45. Supersub says:

    Aldi cheapest for everyday own brand goods and fresh veg, check the big 4 and morrisons for special offers. if you have the time.

  46. Satish Saxena says:

    Good Job by adding Morrisons.
    Next it would also be nice if Iceland,Aldi and Lidl could also be included.

  47. TJ Windsor says:

    Certainly think Aldi and Lidl should be on here.

  48. rfinn1971 says:

    Although I don’t shop at Morrisons myself, variety is always a good thing, and especially if Morrisons are now starting to deliver in the Yorkshire area I MAY start to use them! The main reasons I don’t use them are because they’re too far from where I live and don’t/didn’t deliver, their prices don’t seem to be as competitive as other stores and the choice just isn’t there, especially as they don’t do their own clothes line or sell homeware! Maybe things are now changing!?

  49. Brian Green says:

    Why not include FUEL Prices – the problem would be that Morrisons Hyde price per litre is a lot cheaper than Morrisons Buxton

    • DR says:

      Morrisons fuel prices are set according to local competitors prices.

      • Kay says:

        It would be nice if there was one price for all across the country – instead of having different prices in different areas = it is the same fuel!

    • Julia says:

      Register with instead and enter up to 3 areas where you would ordinarily buy fuel. You can select the frequency of alerts (email/SMS etc.) and the distrance from each location, i.e. within two miles/five miles etc., of home, office or friends etc. This info can be edited at any time. I’ve used them for years and it’s really worthwhile.

      Jay, Finchley, North London.

  50. bardseymike says:

    I saw Paul Hudson from Look North shopping in Aldi so it must be really cheap!

  51. DR says:

    Morrisons has butchers on the premises who are real butchers, not pretend butchers, likewise folks dealing with fish, quite unlike the callow youths pretending in other supermarkets.

  52. Tina jones says:

    I think it’s nice that there are more stores to check the price, and the best way to save your money special today’s

  53. Norest says:

    I find the information interesting.

  54. sirron says:

    i tried to make a shopping order with morrisons.took us a couple of hours to make this order.but when it came to pay for the items i had ordered.i found out that they do not take maistro cards.what a disapointment.

  55. george says:

    how are morrisons advertiseing strongbow cyder for £10.00 when the advert is 2 years old

  56. Peter says:

    Went to the Gravesend store as some deals looked good – all the appropriate shelves were out of stock. I’m trying not to be cynical…..

    • Mr R I Walker says:

      This is always happing in supermarkets, its easy for them advertise something cheaper when they havant got it in stock.

  57. Andy Hughes says:

    I nearly always find that Morrisons have the best deals, especially on Spirits.the rest only compare very occasionally. So my choice is Morrisons for most things including Fuel.

  58. Diane says:

    I’ve just placed an order with Morrisons and had no problems at all, the site is easy to navigate and I’ve apparently saved just short of £24. The delivery charge is only £1 and I live in a small village in East Yorkshire so delivery areas can’t be that restricted.
    The only irritation I could find is that the offers page does not stop when you come to the end of the specials it just rolls over to the beginning again.

  59. J Abennda says:

    At the end of the day all this comparison site proves is how much the British population is getting RIPPED OFF BY MAINLY FOREIGN OWNED CORPORATE GREEDY SUPERMARKETS. and maunfacturers.

    Strange isn’t it how ALL the supermarkets take organised turns in all the so called OFFERS
    where items are sold at what should be the regular price.

    RIP OFF BRITAIN has got nothing on supermarkets and our inept politicians and toothless watchdogs encourage it because they DONT CARE .

  60. R I Walker says:

    Why have you taken my earlier comment off and what do you mean by, your comment is awaiting moderation & how do I do this.

    • James says:

      Hi there,

      When you post a comment on here we have to check it first to ensure it does not contain anything offensive or includes bad language. This is the case on the vast majority of blogs to protect us and you. I’m glad to say that in the majority of cases most comments people leave are fine. Thanks

  61. Terry says:

    morrisons milk still 3for £3.00 great but buy 5 and it cost £5.78 all other supermarkets £1.00 as many or as little has you want ( WHY) warburtons bread is £1.45 all other S /Markets and smaller shops are £1.00 why do morrisons charge so much extra for these very day items?
    But it is good to see lower prices on fruit &veg just done the weekly shop at morrisons then called at the new asda on my way home for 5 four pints of 5 per cent low fat milk for £5.00
    And 4 warburtons loafs for £4.00 .total £9.00 at morrisons it would be. £11.58 . Again (WHY) ?

    • Petrina Nicoll says:

      It is getting to the stage when we won’t be afford to eat, I was put on yo 0hours contract and even as carful as I am I struggle to afford to eat font drink or smoke, and morrisons used to be cheap but no longer.

      • Terry says:

        Glad to see morrisons have got rid of having to put £1 in their trolleys. great
        I see that milk and warburtons toastie bread still to exspenive to buy from morrisons.
        Roast chickens £5.75 cooled chickens £5.00 but the cool chickens are all ways so small
        I have seen more meat on a butchers apron and when you get to the check outs their are more
        Closed than their are open

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