Top 10 ways to slash your grocery bills.
January 23, 2014
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January Blues? Let us help you out…

January can be tough. Many of us have to make a monthly income (one which spanned Christmas) last longer than usual and we’re all feeling the repercussions of too much spending, eating and merry making!
One of our favourite things about January however is the chance for fresh starts. What are your New Year resolutions? Save more? Spend less? Make your purchases go further?

Sadly most resolutions are over pretty quickly, adding to the list of why January is our least favoutire month of the year. However, mySupermarket are eternal optimists and we KNOW that we can help you keep your savings resolutions right the way through January, February and well, all of 2014!

As well as a fantastic range of Savings features on site, we’ve compiled our top 5 tips and tricks to help your money go further in 2014. Some you may have heard of them, some are so simple that you’d wonder why you’ve never tried them before and some are just plain genius. We’re going to post them weekly, starting with our top 5 tips for getting your home ship shape after the festive period.

Check out the list  and don’t forget to add your own money saving and thrifty tips in the comments below!

5 Household tips

We found these gems from this blog list, these are our top 5 but there are 96 more!

1. Use pinboards as jewellery holders and displays. Perfect for tangle free bling!

2.Save energy and cut your bills by cutting the drying time of your laundry.

3. Hate peeling potatoes? Boil with the skin on, submerge in cold water for 5 seconds and then carefully twist the potato and the skin will peel straight off!

4. The deccys are down, but before you pop them away organise them and keep them safe with old egg boxes.

Keep all your loose recipes, receipts and menus high and dry with this genius organisation idea!

Next week- our top tips for making your ingredients go further: 1 ingredient, 4 dishes!


  1. Dot Burke says:

    Great ideas. Too late for the Decorations though, already packed away, but will keep in mind
    for next year.

  2. Adel Chalabi says:

    Thx very much for this website nice offers

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