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Spooky Savings this Halloween with mySupermarket

Get ghoulish savings with mySupermarket and our collection of scary savings!

From freaky sweet treats to savoury party pleasers, Halloween is a great time to get creative with your groceries! You can check out all the treats on our super savvy (not so scary) shelf here .

Watch out for supermarket tricks this Halloween. Use mySupermarket to compare the price of your ingredients and find the best value on your shop. We now compare 11 retailers so whatever you’re looking for, there is no need to over pay.

Here are our top 5 rotten recipes to help your Halloween party give your guests goosebumps. Don’t forget to let us know what you’re up to this October and don’t be afraid to share your recipes and creations with us over on Facebook or Twitter!


Terrifying Teeth

peanut butter teeth

These toothy treats are not too sweet, plus they have an extra

protein punch thanks to the peanut butter.

 Chocolate spider cookies


Spiders very rarely make us smile, unless they’re covered in chocolate that is!


Add all the ingredients to your basket in one click to save time!

Melon Brain Madness

melon brain

A little but healthier than your average Halloween snack, this one is a real no brainer!

 Fiendish Sausage Fingers


Giving “finger food” new meaning, this recipe is American but you can find

suitable sausages in the supermarkets here too.

Pumpkin Cake

pumpkin cake

After all, what is a party without Cake?

Which is your fiendish favourite?


Fresh Flowers at mySupermarket


We might be closer to winter than we are to spring but what better time to fill your home (or someone else’s) with cheerful, bright flowers?

The good news is that you can now shop and compare your weekly flower order along with your weekly grocery shop on mySupermarket. All you have to do is find ‘Flowers’ in the Fruit & Veg shelf on mySupermarket – and you will be able to see what is on offer in your chosen grocery store, or if indeed you would be better off buying them from someone else.

Just another way mySupermarket is making sure you never overpay.


mySupermarket now with added Poundland and Iceland


We are very excited to announce (if you hadn’t noticed already) that we have added Poundland and Iceland to our site  and our iPhone  and Android apps. This means you can use mySupermarket to shop with these retailers for online delivery, or use our app in store to make sure that you are always getting the best deal.

To get you going, we have found these really great Savvy Buys from Poundland:


And from Iceland:


Happy shopping!


Back to School… Back to Reality


The summer holidays are drawing to an end, and even though the kids will be reluctant to go back to school, we know quite a few parents that will be much relieved that their kids will be back at it soon.

Here, at mySupermarket, we are all about making things easier and saving you money. With that is mind, we created a Back to School Store on mySupermarket with all the best deals and offers on Back to School essentials.

Offers change, deals end and new ones begin – be sure to check our Back to School Store every time you shop with us for the most up to date one-stop-shop for all your (and the kids’) back to school needs.

Healthy Snacks, Drinks, Sandwich Fillers and Lunch Box Treats, all in one place.



We love summer!


Who doesn’t?

We wanted to celebrate it, and some of our favourite summer pastimes: picnics and BBQs! So we have a whole section dedicated to the best Summer Saves out there – from sunscreen to ice-cream, we have found all the best deals to make sure you make the most of the long evenings and warm weather.

Click here to view the best Summer Savings at mySupermarket.



Clean up without cleaning out the bank

slice1-header slice2-kitchen slice3-bathroom slice4-bedroomslice5-start-shopping


Are Easter eggs costing you more in 2014?

As you put the final touches on your Easter bonnet and stock up on Easter treats- you may wonder about the prices you’re paying this year. Luckily, mySupermarket are here to help you find where the best deals are- and aren’t this Easter- and the rest of the year too! Take a look at what we found when investigating the average price of Easter eggs in 2014…

Easter-inforgram-terri edit04


What’s the Price of Mum’s Love in 2014?

It’s Mother’s Day this weekend- but are you paying more to treat your Mum in 2014? We take a look here…

The Price (5)


Supermarket Chic!

Cool, elegant, on trend- these aren’t always words you’d associate with going to the supermarket. In fact, we’re fairly certain everyone reading this has popped out for some milk or bread in their pyjamas (or at least their slippers…) at some stage.

So when we discovered that Chanel (you know that really posh and lovely fashion house) had staged their Autumn Winter show on a supermarket inspired catwalk we were a little confused. Confused but delighted. Finally we can all be cool (without the killer heels and Botox) just by getting the weekly food shop in.

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Fall/Winter 2014-2015

Superstars such as Rihanna and Cara Delevingne took to the aisles in “big coats over disco leggings and trainers or leather shorts over leather tracksuit bottoms suggested a cool, ‘just popped out for a pint of milk‘”  look. Erm, if you say so…

Whilst we’re sure that that flouro-tweed and neon dreadlocks are all must have accessories when popping to the Chanel shopping centre, they’ve forgotten the most important accessory of all- mySuperList!

So we’ve returned the favour of making shopping chic and made fashion savvy by adding our own mySuperList suggestions to the collection. After all, just because you are shopping in a premium supermarket to the stars doesn’t mean you still can’t make a saving!

CoCo Chanel Coco Pops anyone?

rhianna trolly metro swap and save product suggestions

Swap and Save- mySuperList let’s you know in store if there is better value to be had. So Rihanna or Cara? Let us work out the best value for you…

daily mail swap and save

Puzzled by misleading supermarket signs? Never fear, in store scanning and comparisons with mySuperList keep you informed. The model on the right knows what’s going on!

metro check unit price

Comparing unit prices is one of our top tips for making a saving in the supermarket- even one as cool as Chanel’s! Is that a Savvy Buy or are you better off going else where?

queing dail mail shop online with app

If you don’t fancy queueing (and who does), you can bypass the whole this and order online from your phone anywhere you have internet connection! So you can stay in your pyjamas at home if you like, we won’t tell anyone!

What do you think? C’est chic or le freak-y?


Competition Time!

Hello lovely readers!


Fancy having your next shop paid for by us?

Of course you do! How? By entering this competition hosted by the fantastic Suzy Pelta (left)!

We’re giving you the chance to win one of THREE Cashback prizes with Suzy- and entering couldn’t be easier!

You could win a £50 Cashback voucher or one of two £25 Cashback vouchers- giving you a serious saving on your next shop! What would you spend that extra £50 on?


There are three ways to win:

On Twitter:

One winner will be chosen at random who follows @SuzyPelta and @mySupermarket on Twitter and who has retweeted the competition information.

On Facebook:

One winner will be chosen at random who likes Suzy’s Facebook & the MySupermarket Facebook page and answer the competition question on Suzy’s Facebook page.

Or Both!

And one winner will be chosen at random who has liked both Facebook pages and has answered the Facebook question PLUS they must also be a Twitter follower who has retweeted the competition information.

You can find the Ts&Cs here. 

More about Suzy was set up after Suzy won ITV1’s Lorraine Show’s Cake Club Competition with her Chocolate and Banana Cake with Peanut Butter Frosting. Suzy’s blog is full of yummy recipes, news, reviews and competitions.

suzys cake


Suzy is also the creator of Bake With Suzy baking kits which contain all of your dry ingredients cleverly pre-measured out, ready to make one of Suzy’s delicious recipes. Check out for all of the latest stockist information and scrummy recipes!

Good luck!


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