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Top 5 ways to make a saving on EVERY trip to the supermarket

Food shopping can be far from fun. Just the thought of big, busy stores, wonky trolley wheels and the never ending beeps from the checkout can darken any mood!

Self-serve supermarkets became popular in the 1950s because they were cheaper and more convenient. So why is it now such a hassle when stocking up our cupboards? As for being cheaper, have you noticed that no matter how many ‘offers’ you put in your trolley the overall cost just goes up and up?#

It is easy to look back with fond memories, but are self-serve supermarket's really less hassle?

It is easy to look back with fond memories, but are self serve supermarket’s really less hassle?

Luckily, things are changing. mySupermarket are placing the power back into shopper’s hands and helping them shop economically . Through price comparison across 11 stores, unique saving features and an easily navigable website my Supermarket helps shoppers find the best value and take the hassle out of supermarket shopping.  After all, we’ve all got better things to do!

Here are mySupermarket’s top 5 tips for grocery shopping that saves you time and money, in store and online!

  1. Really ‘make’ a list

It is so easy to do that many of us think we don’t need to. Our brains can only hold around 7 items at one time and, unless you’re popping out for a pint of milk or loaf of bread, mental shopping lists just don’t work! Take the time to physically write a list and you’ll protect yourself from unnecessary purchases, tempting tricks and over spending.

  1. Check unit price

This is the number one tip for any shopper looking to get the best out of their shop. The unit price is a key indicator for value but can often be difficult to work out in store with multiple distractions. Plan your shop before you go or compare value instantly with mySupermarket’s app and find real value on your shop every week.

  1. Keep special offers special

Special offers should be special occasions, so why do we walk down supermarket aisles and see a sign a second? Not all special offers will save you money, in fact the opposite is true. If you’re tempted, ask yourself 3 things: is the item is on your list? Is it suitable for storing? Do you really need extra? Don’t forget to also check out mySupermarket’s Savvy Buys- offers with at least 30% off of the average price and savings really worth making!

  1. Choose your time

If you can, shop later in the day or even close to closing time. You’ll find that many stores will reduce fresher items and you can really cash in if you hone in on the reduced sections. Most of the time sell by dates on food are not indicative of the product’s status so items you pick up reduced are just as edible, even if they sometimes don’t look as nice!

  1. Keep your options open

Loyalty doesn’t go far these days when it comes to supermarkets as even loyalty cards can make you spend more. Switch stores and brands and switch that hefty supermarket bill for a leaner version! If you choose to stay in one store, try switching brands to take advantage of promotions. If you’re lucky enough to live near many stores it may be worth dividing your shop as product offers often rotate.  This can take a little more time but if you’ve prepared a list and pre-checked which items you need you can be in and out of the store in a flash.


What are your top tips for hassle free shopping? Do you think self-serve supermarkets really are better value for the shopper or is it time for a shopping revolution?

Let us know in the comments below!


The secret to supermarket saving

Many of us compare larger, more significant purchases before we make them. But what could be more significant than the food you put on the table every day?  Simply saving 50p on a daily shop adds up to an annual saving of over £180, but it can be harder than you think to save even this on a spontaneous trip down the aisles.

The secret to supermarket saving is comparison. You may be wondering why we can’t just grab the deals and follow the special promotions and save that way. Because, sadly, everything is not always what it seems in the world of the supermarket shop. This is why mySupermarket are here to make it easier for you to save every time you shop!

So why is comparing a shop so important?

Wandering Deals

Not all deals are created equal in any supermarket. This is something most shoppers are now aware off but even the most thrifty of shoppers would struggle to keep track of changing deals without extra help. Supermarkets often rotate deals within different product categories weekly, or even daily! Furthermore, deals on your favourite items and brands often rotate from supermarket to supermarket.

The good news is you can instantly view the price of an item across 11 retailers with mySupermarket and even do it in store with the mySupermarket app.  This gives you the ability to compare the deals available in each store and also the cost of your overall basket. If you’d rather not switch store, no problem, mySupermarket even helps you compare deals within the same store with our nifty Swap and Save suggestions too.

wandering deals

Changing Prices

This year mySupermarket investigated the average price of popular Mother’s Day gifts including Boxed Chocolates,  Beauty Gift Sets and Fresh Flowers. We wanted to see where shoppers could get the best value and see how the retailers were pricing seasonal purchases compared to 2014. The result showed that in many stores the average price of Mother’s Day gifts had reduced. Hurray! We still found examples of category increases though, including a 59% increase in the average price of Beauty Gift Sets in one retailer! This is a huge overspend and one that mum might even question!

With supermarket prices changing so often, it is even more important to compare price at the time of your shop. You can check how the average price of your favourite items has changed over the past 12 months just by scrolling down on mySupermarket and viewing the price chart. You can check when it is a good time to buy and even set up Price Alerts which ensure you never miss a deal again. Price look sky high today? Don’t forget you can instantly compare with the other stores too!

price graph

Too much choice?

Supermarkets stock a huge variety of items. Take all the products included on the shelves and then  multiply by the various product tiers (think essentials, finest, branded items, own brand equivalents to name a few!) and suddenly the shoppers right to choose is looking more like a wrong.  Comparing your shop and the items in it gives you the chance to choose based on value rather than flashy marketing and packaging. Comparing also protects you from not so special deals as you can work out the saving for yourself.

The best way to compare items when you shop is to look at the price per unit (PPU). This allows you to see the value of an item in a format you can easily compare to other options. Supermarkets don’t always make this easy however, often changing the units compared from sign to sign. If you don’t fancy spending 5 minutes comparing the PPU of every item that goes in your trolley, use mySupermarket  and the app to see the PPU for each item and even before and after a special deal. So you can really see if that’s the best option for you and your purse!

comapre ppu

So there you have it. 3 reasons why you should compare your grocery shop. It’s no secret that we’re big on price comparison at mySupermarket. We have to be. It is our (Savvy Buy) bread and butter! It is also something we truly believe in. Simply comparing your grocery shop, whether that is a pint of milk and a loaf of bread or a month’s supply of essentials could save you up to 30% week after week. That sounds pretty significant to us!


How do you compare your weekly shop? Do you save money by doing so? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @mySupermarket .


Spring Clean with the Frugal Queen!

A new month means a new opportunity to save money! This March we’re looking at Spring Cleaning your finances with the award winning blogger: Frugal Queen. This thrifty blogger loves to live happily and comfortably without breaking the bank. She can be found blogging at Here she shares her top money saving tips and advice with mySupermarket to help you make your spring a savvy one!

Frugal Queen’s Top Tips to Spring Clean your Financesfrugal queen

Feed your family the thrifty way!

  • Always check what you have in your house first. Can you create meals from what’s already in the fridge, freezer or store cupboard?
  • Next create a simple meal plan. Work with your family and children so everyone is involved.
  • When you’ve taken stock of your cupboards and made a meal plan, use  to shop around for the best deals.

Please Freeze! Also make the most of your freezer and save any leftovers!

Power up! Check your energy suppliers and usage.

  • Simple changes to LED lighting will reduce your electricity bill.
  • Get the slow cooker out and use that for a few meals a week.
  • You can cook two meals at once and keep one in the fridge or freezer ready to be microwaved when needed.
  •  Hang your clothes outside to dry whenever you can, even if only for a while and finish them in the tumble drier.
  • Shorten your showers by one minute, I promise you won’t notice the difference.

Bright Idea: Use price comparison websites to compare energy suppliers and find the best deals for your area. Switch if you have to.

Make yourself at home and save on essentials.

  • Check out price comparison sites to compare your phone and broadband. Are you getting the best deal or can you reduce this monthly bill?
  • Mobile phone tariffs.  None of us use all the minutes, texts and download that we pay for. Contact your supplier and renegotiate a cheaper deal. Or, if they can’t offer you anything, give notice and go to another supplier altogether!
  • Tune in to savings on satellite TV. If you live in a cable area, look at price comparisons to see if you can get a better deal. You could also get a ‘Freesat’ box and enjoy all of the available channels for free!

Hit a savings Home Run: Ensure your Household insurance is right for you. Never just renew your boiler cover, your home and contents cover or accidental damage cover. Always pay for one year only and ensure you check you’re getting the best deal before you renew. Keep paperwork proving your no claims and if you’re a careful householder, look at raising your excess if it’s within your budget so you pay less for the insurance.

Simple Swaps for Super Savings

These won’t hurt at all!

  • Treat out – If you eat out, cut it back to once a fortnight or once a month.
  • Take aways – Try the supermarkets Chinese or Indian ready meals. You could fake it altogether and buy frozen battered fish fillets, frozen oven chips and tinned mushy peas. All of a sudden the Friday night fish supper will be a fraction of the cost.
  • Clever coffee – Can’t do without your coffee? Taking your own coffee to work will save you hundreds of pounds a year. If you do have the occasional coffee out with friends, see it as a treat!
  • Pack a lunch – even if you just pick up a supermarket meal deal of £3 a day this works out at £730 a year! Why overspend when you can pack a lunch from home and take it with you?
  • Gym membership –  it is time to swap any membership that doesn’t get used. Instead use weekly passes when you have the time or use YouTube and exercise at home. There are hundreds of trainers who want to share their fitness tips with you for free!

You can read more about Frugal Queen on her blog at What are your Spring Cleaning tips? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter:@mysupermarket


Love for less this Valentine’s Day with mySupermarket and Couponshop

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, but rather than flashing your cash this year spend some quality time with your loved-ones for less with mySupermarket and

Like most holidays, Valentine’s Day means big bucks for retailers. According to research from, this year Brits will spent a collective £1.9bn – equating to an average per person spend of £53.38.

This huge spend isn’t surprising due to encouragement everywhere, urging us to spend more. Money-saving sites Couponshop and mySupermarket fight back against the ‘spend-trend’ and uncover how to show your other halves you care, whilst still saving money.

Cutting Costs, Not Breaking Hearts

Expensive nights out are a go-to evening for many couples on Valentine’s. It is reported we spend £557m on eating out, however, a much cheaper option would be to spend a quality night in in with the one you love – plus a great way to avoid the Valentine’s crowds too – but are you still paying too much? and compared three popular Valentine-inspired nights in including; a movie night with all the add-ons, a classic romantic steak dinner and a special treat for the one you love, breakfast in bed.

Comparing ingredients and products across the UK’s supermarkets, you’ll be shocked to see the savings you can make, just by researching where to spend your cash. Teaming these comparisons with deals, coupons and cashback, the duo can save you over £16 on a full Valentine’s night in for two.

Date idea #1

Big Movie Night In 

The average cost for two cinema tickets in the UK is £22, according to, team this with drinks, popcorn and candy snacks – plus loud crowds – and you end up paying way over the odds for a ‘budget’ night out.

Stay home instead and buy all your goodies from, saving yourself £2.88 when you compare and contrast against other supermarkets.

Valentines-Infographic-Image-1 Valentines-Infographic-Image-2

The Coupon Kid’s money-saving tip: To save even more on your movie night in, download cashback app Shopitize to claim 70p back on your packet of Butterkist Popcorn. Purchase your bag on sale for 74p at and only pay 4p for your sweet treat.

Date idea #2

Romantic Meal for Two 

Splashing out on a meal for two can set you back on average £66. By creating your own romantic night in, you’ll not only win brownie points but can save yourself close to £50, leaving you some spare cash to buy a special gift. We picked this Rib-Eye Steak recipe and decided to see if the key to the heart really is through the stomach!

Valentines-Infographic-Image-3 Valentines-Infographic-Image-4

The Coupon Kid’s money-saving tip: Swap your Florette Mixed Salad with a bag of their Baby Kale. By teaming this with their 50p off coupon, you can get your next bag for 75p – saving an extra £1.58 off your Valentine’s meal shop.

Date Idea #3


Show off your kitchen skills and surprise your better half with a Michelin star-inspired breakfast in bed.

By comparing your ingredients across supermarkets, you can save yourself up to £4.51 without losing any of the pizzazz! We wouldn’t mind waking up to Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon & chives everyday!

Valentines-Infographic-Image-5 Valentines-Infographic-Image-6

The Coupon Kid’s money-saving tip: Here’s another great cashback saving. Buy your Happy Eggs from on offer this week for 97p. This offer can be combined with 35p cashback from Shopitize to get your case of eggs for as little as 62p.


Bonus Valentine Saving at Waitrose! 

What could possibly make this festive feast more romantic? A hefty £2 saving on Lindt Hello Milk Chocolate Heart tin will make the night feel extra special.

valentines blog 2015

Proving that it is possible to save at, buy these chocolates on offer for £2.50 (RRP £3.50). Team this £1 saving with an extra £1 cashback from cashback app, Shopitize, and 50p cashback from, you could be picking up your box of chocolate for only £1.

Whatever you get up to, fall in love with a saving this Valentine’s Day thanks to mySupermarket and!

All product costs are an average retail price from Jan 26th to 1st Feb. These do not always reflect the current cost of products in supermarkets. Deals are correct as off 12/02/2015.
 To find the latest costs, don’t forget to check All deals are available from the 12/02/2015. For the latest supermarket savings, coupons and cashback




Make Feb fab!

Make Feb Fab with mySupermarket!

Can you believe it’s the end of January already? We sure can, judging by our bank accounts and gloomy moods. Winter is really starting to bite and without the promise of Christmas on the horizon, things can be pretty blue.

So we’ve decided to make Feb fab! Read on for 3 thrifty tips for picking up your mood and getting through the last of winter with a smile.

  1. Eat well

Even if your New Year resolution to eat a little better is looking less lustrous than the pack of celery lurking at the back of the fridge you can eat your way to happiness. And we’re not just talking about chocolate!

Eating in season is often cheaper than eating food that has come from the other side of the world or brought to ripeness artificially. Rediscover new ways to eat winter favourites such as kale and parsnips or liven up your fruit bowl with pomegranates and blood oranges. Exploring new tastes and textures can boost your mood and re energise your healthy resolutions. Plus as most of our kitchens are indoors you won’t even need to worry about the weather!

  1. Shake your thing

Don’t feel like a 5k run? Us neither. January is all about getting fit but we can all over do it in our quest to banish the Christmas love handles. More often than not we’re a little fatigued come February. Remember that exercise in any form can lift your spirits thanks to endorphins. You don’t need to run a marathon, just go for a brisk walk, have a boogie or embark on a lively house cleaning session. We recommend a soundtrack of hits from the 70s but this (and the hairbrush microphone) is entirely optional.

  1. Catch some sun

If you’re very lucky you’ll be spending February somewhere warm and sunny, lying on white sands and bathing in turquoise oceans. If like most of us the closest you get to experiencing the above is the smell of your shampoo, you can still boost your mood with a tan top up.

More of us than ever are turning to bottled sunshine as we’ve seen  searches for sun care go up by 106%, whilst self-tan and bronzer searches increased by 135% and 158% compared to January 2014.

Supermarkets are stocking more tanning goodies than ever, adding a whopping 180% more sun care products to their shelves compared to last year. From mousse and bronzer to daily moisturisers there is a tanning option for you, so go catch some rays here!

How do you banish the winter blues? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter @mySupermarket!


The official mySupermarket Creme Egg Review!

First came the news that sales of brown sauce were falling, then Cadbury’s confessed to changing the recipe of the Creme Egg. One has to wonder what the world (or at least Britain) is coming to.

Cadbury’s defended the move by pointing out that “The Creme Egg had never been called Cadbury’s Dairy Milk Creme Egg”. Still the news that the chocolate on a quintessential part of UK Easter festivities for over 50 years is changing has left a fair few of us shell shocked.

There was a tangible sense of unease within the mySupermarket office this week. Finally, around 2pm on Thursday, our Head of Marketing Rafi couldn’t take it any more and, armed with a handful of red and purple ovals, we decided to see what (if any) damage had been done.



Somewhat excited, Rafi had actually devoured half an egg before we had time to pick up our note pads, leaving our plans scrambled. However, here are the comments we could decipher in between the chomping:

“It definitely feels smaller. I mean, I know the pack size is smaller, but the egg itself feels less. I’d usually go in with a softly softly approach, chipping the top of the egg and scooping out the middle.However, when I tried this the chocolate gave way straight away, so I feel like I have to eat it quicker than I’d like.

It definitely tastes different. I’d almost describe it as powdery.  Luckily the middle bit still tastes like the Tooth Fairy’s worst nightmare. So that’s something I suppose.”

Verdict: The Creme Egg is a true choccy champion in my book, worthy of 9/10. This incarnation only gets an 8, but I still love it.

Rafi reached for another egg ‘for consistency purposes’ 5 minutes later, before suffering a sugar crash within the hour. His head was still on the desk when we left the office.


Emma, another self-confessed chocolate connoisseur of the mySupermarket office, also rose to the Creme Egg challenge:

“It does feel to me like the chocolate is smoother, but not in a good, creamy way. I’d normally just nuzzle at the top you know? This would just become more of a mush so I would have to change how I eat it. It feels more…cloy-y in my mouth, it’s all over my back teeth.

Verdict: The classic Creme Egg gets an  8 out of 10 from me, this gets a 6.”

Harsh words for harsh times.


Confused by the outrage and commotion Gili, who moved to the UK last summer, was keen to see what all the fuss was about. If you ever get the chance to witness a Creme Egg first timer take on the gooey goodness we heartily recommend you do so.

“What…what do you do with this? It feels pretty chunky, I expect great things. Now, do I crack it or split it into two? I’m going to try to break it half…wait no, I think I’ll just take it from the top.”

 She bites.

“Hmm. What is that? I don’t know about this. How do I get that bit out, do I want to? Is there more? Like a walnut maybe? There should be.”



“The chocolate is fine, but it tastes a bit like diet chocolate. No seriously, what is that?! Can I just have the chocolate?”

So the new recipe can’t be that bad, perhaps we’re all over reacting a little bit after all.

Overall Verdict:

We notice a difference, but are open to change. Maybe it is time for a new Easter herald? Check out the blog over the next few weeks when Rafi takes another one for the team and taste tests the Egg N Spoon offering.

Have you noticed a difference in Creme Eggs? What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter at @mysupermarketuk


Kick start your savings with Thrifty Lesley and mySupermarket

Our guest blog post comes from Lesley Cooper, the author of the much loved Thrifty Lesley blog. She is dedicated to creating money-saving menus – 3 meals and snacks – for only £1 a day. Lesley wasfeatured in the news recently after she devised a seven-day menu plan for the Christmas period –which cost just £7.59 per person for the entire week. 

lesley headshot

Happy New Year! How was Christmas? Expensive? January is typically a month that leads to reflection on our lives and, often, a desire (and maybe a need) to trim the budget, possibly to pay for that lovely Christmas. Probably the first place we look to save some money is in the family grocery

shop. I know I do. But where do you start?

Well, there are some good guidelines for grocery shopping that aren’t original or new, but are essential and a very good place to begin when we are watching our wallets and purses with an anxious eye.

Guideline 1: Shop your cupboards

What does this mean? Simple really. What have you already got in the cupboard, the fridge and the freezer, and maybe tucked into odd corners here and there. Get a notepad and a pen and go through everything, shelf by shelf, in all of them. If you are like me, and have a tendency to hoard groceries, building up mountains of couscous, rice, pasta, tins of tomatoes, frozen peas, leftovers frozen for another day, bargain loaves of bread etc. etc., there may be quite a long list.

Guideline 2: Menu Plan

Now, take another sheet of paper, divide it up into 7 days and breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anyplanned snacks for each of those 7 days. This will be your menu plan for the next week. It doesn’t need to be complicated, it could just look like this:

meal plan

BUT – crucially, look at what you already have tucked away anywhere, and use that FIRST. If you have tinned tomatoes and pasta, you can make pasta with sauce. If you are uninspired with your larder, Google some of your ingredients and see what you can find.

Guideline 3: Take a List

Once you have your menu plan, you can draw up a shopping list for anything you may still need. It might just say bread and milk, it might be a long list. No matter, a list will help. Get in that supermarket without one and the expertise of the advertisers and shop owners will entice and create desires and needs where none existed before. How many times have you gone in for a pint of milk and come out with a bag of shopping that you didn’t intend to get?

When you go shopping, take your list and only buy what is on it, nothing else. You have your menu plan, so if you buy an extra cauliflower or bag of salad leaves because they are on offer, where will they fit into your plan? If you take your menu plan too, you could amend it as you go by saying, well if we have that cheap cauliflower, I won’t buy the peas.

Guideline 4: Use price comparison sites

One of the best ways I know to save is to grocery shop online. That way I’m not tempted by all those BOGOF’s and special offers that won’t get used. I can concentrate on what I need and look up, for example, red lentils, and find the cheapest ones. Why is that things are scattered across supermarket aisles? Red lentils are in the Ethnic aisle, with the rice, sometimes in the Free From range, in the soup aisle etc. Four or five different places, and each one may be at a different price.

Sites like make it easy to fill your virtual basket, checking prices along the way. It is very easy to see which is the cheapest packet, and the cheapest brand, when buying toilet rolls, cereal, flour or anything else. Check which supermarket is cheapest this week for the things you need.

Guideline 5: Approved Food & Ethnic shops

This one is not so much a guideline as a suggestion. Approved Food are an online stockist of ambient foodstuffs that are short dated. This means that the items are close to or past their best before date, but are still perfectly alright to use. I use Approved Food to stock up with ingredients when they

have items that I use. For instance, a while ago, they had large tins of mango and packets of coconut powder at an extremely cheap price. So I bought lots of both, then had to think up ways to use them for meals. The mango would cost £1.50 and the coconut milk powder £2.85 to buy in a supermarket. I got the mango for 25p and the coconut powder for 49p, so a huge saving.

If you have the funds to buy in bulk, they are well worth looking at. Only buy things that you will use, and try to avoid getting too many goodies, or the savings are spent on other things. I use a great many red lentils and when I need some, I get them from a shop selling Indian groceries. The large 5kg bag works out to half the price of those from a supermarket. Many of the dried beans and lentils sold in those kinds of shops are similarly cheap. It’s best to know the price per 100g of items you use regularly. No good lugging home huge bags of rice or lentils and finding they were cheaper in the


Here’s a bit of inspiration for you!


Thrifty Lesley’s Sweet Curry Recipe

Chickpea, Mango, Coconut and Spinach Curry – 53p a portion

This is a sweet curry that I think is gorgeous! I was being creative to use the large tins of mango pulp and coconut powder. I wanted to make a main dish with it, rather than a sweet one, so I had a bit of a Google and a think and decided to do this. You can see from this that you can halve the cost of a recipe with creative buying and cooking.

I had some chickpeas I had previously cooked sitting in the freezer, some spinach in there and plenty of spices to use too.


 Two tins chickpeas, or 250g dried, soaked and cooked Dried ones Asda 95p/500g, 47p

 An onion, chopped, Asda 98p/2kg, 5p

 200g mango pulp, Asda £1.50/850g, 35p

 150g coconut milk powder Tesco £2.85/300g, £1.42

Or a tin of coconut milk, 95p

 200g frozen spinach Asda £1.39/kg, 28p

 Tbslp curry powder, Asda Madras 66p/100g, 3p

Total of £2.13* (using coconut milk or 53p a portion)

Makes 4 portions

top tip


  1. Sauté the onion in a little oil, add the spices and sizzle them to bring out the flavour. Spices are often oil soluble, not water soluble, so you get the best flavour by cooking them in oil.
  2. Add everything else and simmer gently for a few minutes. And that’s it, job done!

We had it with a Nan, 4p each, or you could use value rice for 3p or 4p each, or both of course. The spices here can be absolutely anything that you have. Any general curry powder spice mix would be fine, or a mix of coriander, cumin and turmeric, or a tblsp of a curry paste from a jar. Yum!

Top tips

  • If you have any, a sprinkle of fresh coriander would be lovely, or mint.
  • Instead of the chickpeas, you could use any of the firm lentils, (the green/brown ones), soya beans (dried or green ones), a mix of root vegetables, a couple of chicken thighs, a couple of frozen whitefish fillets. It would be a bit of a splodgy mix, but you could use the red lentils. And of course, any combination of these too.
  • You could substitute a tin of broken mandarin segments for the mango. You can use either coconutmilk powder or a tin of coconut milk, or even some coconut cream. I have used this mixture with pasta and some feta, which was delicious!



Christmas wishes from mySupermarket’s CEO

As we reach the end of 2014 I want to personally wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from mySupermarket.

I also wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you. Thanks to you, mySupermarket are now the third biggest grocery shopping website in the UK. An amazing 5 million of you visit our site every month to shop or check the best prices and 1.3 million of you have downloaded our app. Over the last year you have together saved an amazing £12 million – that’s a million pounds every month!

I want to thank you for trusting us to help you save on average 20% on every shop.

2014 has seen huge changes in the supermarket industry. With all stores claiming to be cheapest, it is even more important to compare and check your shop. As the only independent grocery comparison site, we are dedicated to finding new ways to help you save more money and your belief in us keeps us independent, innovative and free to use.

We listened to your feedback and in 2014 we added Morrisons, Iceland and Poundland. We also added new categories such as toys, coffee machines, flowers, bakeware, water filters and many more.

We are always looking for ways to improve and would appreciate any feedback you have to make our service even better – please send me a message at We have lots of ideas for 2015 so watch this space.

The future for mySupermarket and its shoppers is looking very Savvy indeed.

We’ll see you in 2015.


Gilad Simhony

CEO, mySupermarket


Can you stir up a saving on pricey puds?

If you like your Christmas a bit old school, you probably know that the time to make your own Christmas pudding has now passed. Last Sunday was ‘Stir It Up Sunday’ and marked the last chance to start making your home-made Christmas puddings before the big day. Don’t panic. If you’re worried you have missed out, it may have been a lucky escape.

Curious to see if it is cheaper to make your own puddings we looked at the price of these staple ingredients over the past 3 years. Are you stirring up a saving or are you more likely to  cut costs with convenient ready-made puddings?

Ingredient list*



Dried figs

Mixed peel

Glacé cherries

Dried apricots




Large eggs


Muscovado sugar

Self-raising flour

Mixed spice



*We took a look at average pricing data for the above ingredients over 2012 (October- December), 2013 (October-December) and 2014 (October – Mid November).



What did we find?

It’s 38% more expensive to buy your ingredients in Asda and Tesco this year compared to 2012. That’s more than a third more!

It costs £8.80 more to make your pudding in Asda this year (compared to 2012) and £8.19 in Tesco.

It is also more expensive in Sainsbury’s but only by £2.89.

That could really leave a bitter taste in your mouth, but it is not all bad news.

Butter is now 33% cheaper compared to 2013 in Tesco and 27% cheaper in Sainsbury’s compared to last year. So even if you have missed out on putting your pudding together, you can still save on this cooking staple.

One of the key flavours in Christmas pudding is the brandy. Brandy is only up 3% in Tesco this year, so we’re thinking about skipping dessert and going straight to the digestif!

Last but not least, here are the average totals for the ingredients across Asda, Tesco and Sainsburys*:
 average prices 2014


Of course, if you consider cost per portion, it may still be cheaper to make your own. Sure you can make multiple Christmas puddings once you have the ingredients in your cupboard, but who wants to make Christmas pudding in April?

For a once a year occasion you may be better off going ready made. Embrace the season with a saving and find the best value on your festive food with mySupermarket.



Spooky Savings this Halloween with mySupermarket

Get ghoulish savings with mySupermarket and our collection of scary savings!

From freaky sweet treats to savoury party pleasers, Halloween is a great time to get creative with your groceries! You can check out all the treats on our super savvy (not so scary) shelf here .

Watch out for supermarket tricks this Halloween. Use mySupermarket to compare the price of your ingredients and find the best value on your shop. We now compare 11 retailers so whatever you’re looking for, there is no need to over pay.

Here are our top 5 rotten recipes to help your Halloween party give your guests goosebumps. Don’t forget to let us know what you’re up to this October and don’t be afraid to share your recipes and creations with us over on Facebook or Twitter!


Terrifying Teeth

peanut butter teeth

These toothy treats are not too sweet, plus they have an extra

protein punch thanks to the peanut butter.

 Chocolate spider cookies


Spiders very rarely make us smile, unless they’re covered in chocolate that is!


Add all the ingredients to your basket in one click to save time!

Melon Brain Madness

melon brain

A little but healthier than your average Halloween snack, this one is a real no brainer!

 Fiendish Sausage Fingers


Giving “finger food” new meaning, this recipe is American but you can find

suitable sausages in the supermarkets here too.

Pumpkin Cake

pumpkin cake

After all, what is a party without Cake?

Which is your fiendish favourite?


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